How Great Thou Part
October 2017 Archives

I made a decision to tell the people I love what I think when they come to mind. We spend time with people…we laugh over old memories and we make new ones – we usher compliments – and we thank them […]

In this era of data overload, giving away the coveted email address is something most do with trepidation. After all, it’s already difficult enough to navigate the ever overflowing virtual inbox. The trick is finding the right content, thus making […]

I know many people who have suffered the excruciating pain and indignity of an extramarital affair.  Their loss is often intensified because they feel as if they never truly knew the individual they dedicated their hearts to. Affairs are far […]

Some divorces are simple. They involve two mature adults who have the ability to be rational despite the demise of their relationship. Other divorces are brutal. They involve one or more adults who have zero ability to be rational despite […]

I ran into a friend who recently divorced. The smile on her face – well, it was the stuff dental commercials are made of – bright and blinding. She was happy. In fact, happier than I had seen her in […]