I’m writing from the PJ Library conference in Baltimore. When I try to explain my relationship to The PJ Library to the other conference attendees, I realize,well…’s complicated. I’m here primarily because I get paid to write a monthly column for about PJ LIbrary books. But, I’m also a PJ Library author, which means that PJ Library buys thousands of copies of my book, A Mezuzah on the Door, every year. And I’m also a teacher who receives multiple copies of PJ Library books to use in my classroom.  And, of course, I”m a PJ Library parent, whose daughters, ages 5 and 7, each receive a free Jewish book every month. I guess you could say I’m a PJ LIbrary lackey. Or am I a junkie? Maybe you could say the PJ LIbrary is my sugar daddy. Or, to simplify matters, you could just say I LOVE THE PJ LIBRARY SO MUCH.

While probably no else at this conference has benefited more than I from this program, I am surrounded by hundreds of people who love the PJ LIbrary as much as I do. Simply put, we are people who love children, love books, and love Judaism. We’re united in the belief that giving families free Jewish books is an investment in Jewish continuity and we are all doing our part to get these books into as many homes as possible. And not just into homes, but into parents’ laps.

I’m here to learn more about what Jewish parents want to read, so I can do a better job on this blog. I’m also here to celebrate Jewish books, because that’s what The PJ Library is all about. So please, tell me – what is one of your most beloved Jewish children’s books? And what’s something that you love about it? Leave your answers in a comment below (before Wednesday, April 6) and I’ll select one reader to win a copy of one of my favorite PJ Library books – Chicken Man, by Michelle Edwards.

can you believe they are all free?

I’ll be back tomorrow to tell you about some of the great new books I’ve read. But right now, I need to go get one of those chocolate balls on a stick that all the PJ professionals are eating before they are all gone.

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