I spent a sleepless night surfing the internet for creative and beautiful ways to prepare eggs. While nothing tops these beautiful huevos haminados prepared by Ima on the Bima, I didn’t have it in me to track down piles of onion skins. instead, I started exploring a Chinese tradition, tea-soaked eggs. Most of the recipes call for soy sauce, which is not Kosher for Passover. I decided to experiment with just using tea.

I hard boiled the eggs and cooled them, then reheated the egg water with a few black tea bags. While the water came to boil, I gently cracked the eggs all over, without removing any peel. Then I returned the eggs to the pot and cooked them for about an hour. I left them in the tea water for another few hours. Here’s how they look:

The peel is a little more dramatic than the egg itself. Next time (tomorrow?) I will experiment with more tea bags and see if it makes a difference.

Chag Sameyach v’chasher to you all! Good luck to all the kids out there asking the mah nishtana for the first time. Zoe’s joining the club tonight. How did she get so impossibly grown up?

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