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While writing a check tonight for dues to the synagogue I kvetch about, I came to a realization. The best reason to belong to the synagogue is that I don’t feel guilty when we show up five minutes before kiddush. Hey, […]

My daughters, who are very good friends, and are heartachingly kind to one another about 87% of the time, occasionally say insulting things to one another. (“Your tushy smells,” for example. Or, “I’m never going to be your sister again […]

While the grownups were sitting around the kitchen table on Friday night, drinking homebrew and eating chinese takeout (a real treat for me, after spending the afternoon digging a garden), here’s what the kids were up to. I wouldn’t have […]

When I was a student in a Jewish day school in Baltimore, about a million years ago, we had a sixth grade teacher, whom I’ll call Rabbi P, who required us to memorize verses from Pirkei Avot (when he wasn’t […]

I have yet to make the weekly Torah portion a part of my own children’s lives. We don’t talk about the parsha at shabbat dinner, and if we go to shul at all, it’s almost always after the Torah reading […]