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Becoming a parent has unquestionably made me much more thoughtful about Judaism. Being a role model and a full time educator (and I’m not talking about my job) means that I’m always paying attention to how Jewish I’m being, or […]

One of my favorite things about writing this blog is getting to “meet” so many other Jewish parenting bloggers. I’m fantasizing about some giant Jewish mommy cocktail party one of these days. (Not giant Jewish mommies, mind you, but maybe […]

Earlier this year, my first grade class designed a beautiful Hebrew alefbet, which we’ve had printed on t-shirts and mugs as a tzedakah project. All proceeds will benefit the Northampton Survival Center, one of the many institutions supporting the victims […]

We attended a family havdallah gathering at Ella’s school tonight. When we returned home, I asked the girls if they had fun. “It was pretty good,” said Zoe. “But it would have been a lot better with a bounce house.”

When Ella entered the Kindergarten at our local Jewish day school, parents were invited to spend an evening in the classroom. Each teacher made a brief presentation about the curriculum, and then opened the floor to questions. After reading the […]

Edible Torah, for his stunningly creative use of X-mas chazerai. Here’s his winning entry, re-posted on his own, wonderful blog. I especially like #5 and #6. Shabbat Shalom!