May 2009 Archives

Yes, it’s last week’s parhsa. So stone me. I delivered the dvar torah in shul this morning, while our Rabbi is on sabbatical. This week’s Torah portion consists of a long a list of important laws about the Priesthood, the […]

I found this list, written by my five year old, while cleaning off the kitchen table this morning. For those of you less experienced with creative spelling, it looks like my family was voting on whether to give me breakfast […]

Conversation at pickup from pre-school: she only *looks* generous Zoe: Here mommy, I have a card and flower for you for mother’s day. Hands me a white carnation and a card.  One minute later: Zoe: Actually, mommy? The card is […]

My friend, writer and jewelry maker, Lisa Oram sent me a wonderful piece she wrote a few years ago about the “Barbie dilemma.” She’s kindly given me permission to reprint it here.  The Slippery Slope to Barbie I never had Barbies when […]

So far, my daughters have been relatively insulated from the horror of Barbie dolls. I recognize that Barbies are not pure evil – after all, lots of wonderful, strong women I know grew up grooming and dressing those stacked little […]

On this beautiful Shabbat morning, instead of going to Tot Shabbat, I took my daughters on a long walk though our neighborhood. We were carrying (and thereby violating the Sabbath) fifty empty bags given to us by the local Survival […]

Well, mostly we didn’t, since there wasn’t any kind of celebration or event in our community. We usually do nothing on July 4th, either, so at least I’m consistent when it comes to a lack of interest in patriotism. But […]

I never know quite what to say when my children ask about God. It’s not that I don’t believe in God, it’s just that at 41, I still haven’t figured what I believe. I speak vaguely, but comfortably, about God […]