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Although we are devout (dare I say frum?) home-shulers, I can’t imagine not being a member of our local synagogue. So today – let’s hear it for the shul! Homeshuler’s Top 10 Reasons to Join a Shul 10. Your mother wants […]

I hate party favor bags. Call me a big old stinky-butt (I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before my own daughters do) but I don’t understand why parents insist on sending home a bag of crap every time […]

“Who made you so cute?” I asked my 3 year old. “God,” she answered. I’m glad she doesn’t know what a rhetorical question is.

  See the milk situated treacherously close to our fleishig soup? We like to live on the edge around here. A friend and colleague was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She’s about a week out of surgery and starting chemo […]

Admittedly, the title of my blog is a wee bit misleading. We are, in fact, members of a shul. (Actually, we are members of two shuls, if you count my honorary membership at the synagogue where I teach.) And we […]