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We’ve been preparing a lot of meals for friends and community members recently. As I posted earlier, it’s a mitzvah I’m always eager to sign on for. But the truth is, sometimes I can barely manage to get a homemade […]

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  don't look directly at this picture All of my favorite Jewish rituals involve observing and/or connecting more closely with the natural world. Waiting for the sun to set to light candles, eating and sleeping lying outside for a little while […]

My blog has been up and running for a little less than two weeks. I’ve had over 600 views, and an average of 60 odd hits a day. Here’s my first attempt to find out who, besides my mother, is […]

  I actually can say no to this face 3 year old with an armful of dolls: Can you pretend to be Olivia’s mommy? Me: Not right now, honey, I’m really busy. 3 year old: Can you pretend to be […]

  The kids were not drinking beer Last year, when John McCain was in Israel, he described Purim as “their version of Halloween here.” It’s not as bad a gaffe as, say, choosing Sarah Palin for VP, but he’s pretty […]

My mother sent my girls an early Purim present – a Haman punching bag.According to the description, “the punching bag is filled with an ugly picture of Haman and the words ‘Down with Haman.’ The adults will love punching Haman […]

  mac & cheese – the new gragger Today the Hebrew school where I teach held an out of the ordinary Purim celebation. There were no prizes at the carnival – instead, every booth gave out paper “mitzvah money.”  Kids […]

  not our actual shul Today we went to shul. And it was kind of….great. Our first good move was not arriving until 11am, exactly when Tot Shabbat begins. And forget everything I said about starting to outgrow tot programs; […]

Just before the boiling water hits We’re so frum, we kasher our toothbrushes between dairy and meat. Har har. Actually, Ella had strep and the doctor suggested we boil the toothbrushes. But we do keep a kosher kitchen. At least, […]