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Cleaning Copper Objects

posted by lwhite

When they tarnish and need to be shined, you can make cheap homemade cleaners to make them shine again. 1. Douse a sponge with vinegar or lemon juice. Then sprinkle salt on it and rub the metal, rinse and dry […]

Cleaning Pewter

posted by lwhite

Pewter has such a lovely soft finish rather than a shine. Occasionally, pewter pieces may need to be buffed up. Here are two home-style ways to do it: 1. Go to your refrigerator and take out several cabbage leaves and […]

Many Uses for a Toothbrush

posted by lwhite

Always buy toothbrushes in bulk. They come in handy for things other than cleaning your teeth! Here are a few unconventional ways you can you toothbrushes around the house: 1. To remove bits of food stuck in the tines of […]

Pet Food Dishes Messy?

posted by lwhite

Pets can be messy when they eat and leftover food can easily get stuck to the dish. Here’s how to prevent that problem: 1. Before you put food (especially canned) into the dish, spray it with a non-flavored, non-stick spray. […]

Preserving a Christening Gown

posted by lwhite

Of course, you want to save this important piece of family history. First, read the care label to find out the appropriate method for cleaning the fabric. Then take these steps. READ MORE 1. If the grown has lace or […]

Keeping Bird Cage Clean

posted by lwhite

If you have a bird, you know that the bird cage needs to be cleaned often so it does not smell. Here’s a good way to do it and to recycle too. READ MORE To stop smells from getting worse […]

Bed Pillows Need Washing?

posted by lwhite

To refresh and clean bed pillows, first determine the content—down, foam or polyester and read the care labels, here are the next steps to take. READ MORE * Foam pillows: Wash this type by hand in a big sink. Apply […]

If Food in the Oven Bubbles Over Onto the Bottom

posted by lwhite

No matter how careful we are, this just seems to happen. Here’s how to deal with this. READ MORE * Sprinkle plenty of salt over the burned-on gunk. It will lessen the smell, the smoke and make it easier to […]

Making Your Mattress Last Longer

posted by lwhite

Most mattresses can be used for 8-10 years, if you take good care of them. Here’s what to do. READ MORE * Rotate and flip your mattress every couple of months. That way your body impression won’t be “imprinted” and […]

Hairspray Baked Onto Curling Iron?

posted by lwhite

Many of us use our curling irons, almost daily, so it’s easy for hairspray to accumulate on it. After you unplug the iron and let it cool, here are two ways to remove the sticky spray. READ MORE 1. Pour […]

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If you have a treasured picture in this situation, you can try to save and remove it. Follow these steps carefully: 1. First, scan the pictures or take a photo of it through the glass. You will have a copy—just in case. 2. Put the frame and photo or just glass and photo into a plastic freezer

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Preventing Kitchen Fire Hazards
If you are using a number of kitchen appliances, like slow cookers or electric frying pans, it’s important to check the cords often because they can become fire dangers. Here’s why: 1. When using a slow cooker that’s going to be plugged in all day, be sure the cords are not frayed or damage

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Orange-Colored Stains
Spaghetti sauce or French salad dressing always seem to drip onto clothing and leave such awful orange stains on our garments, which can be so hard to get out. Here’s how to remove them: 1. Use a clean, cotton cloth and dampen it with water and moisten with a squeeze of lemon juice or a bit of

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Making Better Popcorn
Popcorn is such a wonderful snack for the family. Ever think about how it pops? The dried corn pop opens when heated because the moisture inside the hull vaporizes, causing pressure. When it reaches 400 degrees, the hull bursts open 35 times its size. Here’s how to make it fluffier and better:

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Knives for Your Kitchen
As most of us know, one of a cook’s best friends in the kitchen is a quality, sharp knife. In fact, you really can do most everything—cutting, dicing and chopping—with just three knives. Here’s the cutting edge info on the three: 1. A long chef’s knife will be the best for slicing and

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