Heloise Hints

Heloise Hints

Make Your Own Potpourri

posted by lwhite

potpourriPotpourri can add such a wonderful aroma to any room in your home.
And it can be easy to make and cheaper than buying some commercial ones.
Here’s how to create your own potpourri.

* Heloise wet formula: Combine 2 cups rose petals, 2 cups rosemary, 2 cups mint, 4 cinnamon sticks, ½ cup whole allspice and 2 whole cloves. Place this mixture into a large jar and cover with heated white vinegar. Let the jar sit for one week.
* To release the fragrance, simmer in a pan just briefly on low heat.

Bed Pillows Need Washing?

posted by lwhite

odor elimination tips, odor tipsTo refresh and clean bed pillows, first determine the content—down, foam or polyester and read the care labels, here are the next steps to take.


* Foam pillows: Wash this type by hand in a big sink. Apply mild detergent (dissolve first) and use warm water, Air-dry because the foam could disintegrate in the dryer.
* Down pillows: Put into the washing machine on the gentle cycle. Agitate for just 2 minutes and then place into the dryer and add a fabric-softener sheet. Check seams to make sure they are secure.

Skewers Crusty After Cooking?

posted by lwhite

thawing food If you are making shish kebabs, cleaning them afterward can be labor-intensive to remove all the crusty debris. Here’s a hint my mother used.

* After removing the meat or chicken, push each skewer through a soap-filled dry pad. Do not wet it. This will get rid of the majority of the crud. Then wash, rinse and dry well.

Oatmeal Boring?

posted by lwhite

oatmealIf you love eating oatmeal for breakfast on cold winter days, but find it the same every morning, here are some hints for jazzing it up.

* Top off with chocolate or butterscotch chips.
* Add crumbs from the bottom of boxes of dry cereals.
* Chop dried or fresh fruit and sprinkle on top.

If Food in the Oven Bubbles Over Onto the Bottom

posted by lwhite

heloise hints, oven cleaning tipsNo matter how careful we are, this just seems to happen. Here’s how to deal with this.

* Sprinkle plenty of salt over the burned-on gunk. It will lessen the smell, the smoke and make it easier to pull up after you complete baking and let the oven cool down.

Dried Flower Arrangements Need Reviving?

posted by lwhite

potpourriIf you have several dried bouquets in your home, you can perk them up.
Here’s what you can do.

Give them a fresh aroma by putting several drops of your favorite essential oil, like lavender, bergamot or orange on a petal or two. Or, spritz with your cologne. Only use on arrangements in a glass or ceramic bowl to give them a new smell. Don’t add an essential oil to arrangements that are in wicker baskets because the oil could leak onto a surface and harm it.

Making Your Mattress Last Longer

posted by lwhite

2_16_matress_tips_spDuchampMost mattresses can be used for 8-10 years, if you take good care of them. Here’s what to do.

* Rotate and flip your mattress every couple of months. That way your body impression won’t be “imprinted” and cause mat-dents!
* Vacuum it with the upholstery attachment often to remove dust and debris.
* Sprinkle the mattress with baking soda to freshen it and vacuum up.

Coffee Thermos Stained?

posted by lwhite

kitchen sink cleaning tips, kitchen sink tips, sink cleaning tipsIf you use a coffee thermos/mug while you commute every day, it can easily become stained, particularly if it’s left in the car or on your desk all day. Here’s an easy way to clean it.

First, sprinkle the bottom of the mug or thermos with a lot of salt, add warm water and swirl the mixture around vigorously, let set a while. It should loosen all the crud in the bottom and you can pour it out, rinse and then wipe clean.

Serving Mashed Potatoes

posted by lwhite

shutterstock_14733931Getting all your dishes for dinner parties on the table at the same time or keeping them hot (potatoes) until everyone is seated, can be an issue. Here’s a great idea.

To keep your mashed potatoes at a warm temperature until you serve them, put them into a slow cooker. When you are ready to serve, they will be ready to eat!

When Making Homemade Bread

posted by lwhite

11-14-rollsAfter you put the bread in the oven, there’s one other step you can take to make it look even better.

Check the oven just before you think the bread is done, and brush the top of the loaf with white or cider vinegar and then put it back into the oven for the last several minutes. This added touch will give your homemade bread a lustrous sheen.


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