Heloise Hints

Heloise Hints

Cloth Napkins have Creases?

posted by lwhite

dryer cleaning tips, cleaning dryer, heloise hints If after you wash your linens, you continue to fold and iron them the same way, creases can become embedded in the fabric and wear it out. Here’s what to do instead.

When you remove the napkins from the dryer, and they are still warm, simply finger-press them, instead of ironing. They will last longer and you can fold them in different ways.

Peeling Garlic Cloves

posted by lwhite

organizingcooking If you have to peel and mince a lot of garlic cloves for a dish, it can be time-consuming, here’s hint used by chefs that will make it faster.

Place the garlic clove on a cutting board, then put the widest part of a French chef’s knife flat-side on top of the clove. Whack it with the heel of your hand. The garlic clove with be crushed and zoom right out of the peel.

Kitchen Cabinets a Mess?

posted by lwhite

10-25-pots If your pots and pans are jumbled in your cabinets and hard to reach, here’s an easy way to organize them. It’s as simple as A-B-C.

1. Remove everything from the cupboard and then reorganize in 3 groups:
A. Items that you use every day.
B. Pots and pans used only for special occasions.
C. Cookware that you have not used in more than a year.
2. Give away or throw out items in group C.
3. Put pots and pans in group B in the back of your cabinets.
4. Put the group A cookware in the front of the cabinets where they are easily accessible.

Banana Bonanza?

posted by lwhite

BananasIf you have extra bananas on hand, you can make them last longer by putting them in the refrigerator. The skin might blacken, but they should be good for around 2 weeks. Here are more hints.

* If bananas are green, you can ripen them faster by storing them in a plastic bag.
* If bananas are overripe, freeze them and then utilize later for making banana bread.

Making Popcorn in the Microwave

posted by lwhite

popcorn It’s so quick and so good, but watch it carefully because the smell of burnt popcorn is horrible and hard to get rid of that stink. Here are some other hints.

* Use only microwave-safe containers or other pre-packaged microwave-designated bags. Read and follow the directions exactly.
* Do not reheat popcorn because is can be a fire hazard.
* Never use regular brown paper bags because the kernels may scorch and catch fire.

Cooking Terms Explained

posted by lwhite

termsexplainedHere are three terms you see often in recipes or on restaurant menus: Á la King, Á la mode and Al dente. Here’s what they mean.


  1. Á la King: This dish is prepared in a rich cream sauce. 
  2. Á la Mode: This is a French term meaning  “in the manner of.”  Often in desserts, it means with ice cream.  
  3. Al dente: An Italian phrase used for cooking pasta. It should not be overcooked, but still be solid, not limp and have a “bite.”   

Quick Frostings

posted by lwhite

chocolateIf you are making cupcakes, and you don’t have time to whip up a delectable frosting, here are some fast ideas, other than pre-made frosting.

* Just a few minutes before you remove them from the oven, put a marshmallow on top of each one and let melt.
* Or break up a chocolate bar and place on each warm cupcake and allow it to melt.

Transporting Deviled Eggs

posted by lwhite

eggsforpartyIf you are taking deviled eggs to a party or potluck supper, getting them there in tact is your main goal. Here are some ideas on how to do that.

1. Put them in a clean, plastic foam egg carton.
2. Place them in mini paper cupcake liners and put into muffin tins.

Preserving a Christening Gown

posted by lwhite

4_5_HeloiseHints_RepurposingOldBedSheetsOf course, you want to save this important piece of family history. First, read the care label to find out the appropriate method for cleaning the fabric. Then take these steps.

1. If the grown has lace or pearls, it might be too tough to take a chance and clean at home. Taking it to a professional cleaner might be the best choice.
2. Clean as soon as you can after the christening because although it may look spotless, there may be baby stains that will oxidize and turn yellow or brown later.

Keeping Bird Cage Clean

posted by lwhite

birdcage tips, heloise hints, lifestyle tipsIf you have a bird, you know that the bird cage needs to be cleaned often so it does not smell. Here’s a good way to do it and to recycle too.

To stop smells from getting worse in your bird’s cage, try this: Put a couple of layers of either your newspaper or grocery store paper bags on the bottom of the cage. Take them off and replace with new layers every other day.

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