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Heloise Hints

Cooking Spray Baked onto Glass Baking Dish?

posted by lwhite

Heloise Hints, Removing NonStick Spray, Cleaning pots and pansWhile sprays are convenient, they also leave a yucky mess over time, if they are not cleaned well after each use. Here’s what to do:

To get rid of baked-on cooking spray from a glass baking dish, put the dish into the sink and spray liberally with oven cleaner (used for cold oven). Allow it to stay on for a couple of minutes and then scrub well. You probably will have to repeat this several times to eliminate all the sticky stuff.

How to Deal with Summer Fleas

posted by lwhite

heloise hints, fleas and ticks helpful tipsFleas abound during the summer. And your pets that are playing and running around outdoors do become the host animal because fleas feed on their blood. Here’s how to control them:

1. Bathe and comb your pet regularly.
2. Wash pet’s bedding often to get rid of fleas that may be hanging out in it.
3. Chat with your vet about products that can be used to control fleas on your pets.
4. Check your home for fleas and vacuum carpets and upholstered furniture all the time because you do not want an infestation. If you do notice a lot of them, you may need to apply an insecticide or to contact an exterminator.

Hate Telemarketing Calls?

posted by lwhite

heloise hints, telemarketing tips,Those annoying telemarketing calls seem to come just when we are sitting down to dinner. You can do something to stop them from coming into your home. Follow these steps:

1. Add your phone number to the National Do Not Call Registry by going online to: DONOTCALL.GOV or call 1-888-382-1222. When you register online, you will get an e-mail confirmation. You must click onto the link to assure that your number is added to the registry.
2. After you number has been in the registry for 3 months, most telemarketing calls should stop.
3. Not all calls will stop because some can come from companies that you do business with. If you think these calls are fraudulent, file a complaint by calling

Smelly Books

posted by lwhite

heloise hints, organizing a bookcase, bookshelf organization tipsIf you have stored books in a basement, where there might be moisture, they can acquire a mildewy smell. It’s best to store books in a dry spot, like the attic. To remove that odor, try these hints:

1.First, air out the books by fanning them open several times. Then, let them sit in the sun for a while.
2.If they still smell, sprinkle baking soda over the pages and let it stay on them for a couple of days.
3. Try this also, if you still see mildew. Place one book in a zipper plastic bag, don’t shut it, and put into the freezer to kill the mildew. Repeat with remaining books.

Sunscreen Stains on Fabric

posted by lwhite

heloise hints, fabric labels, fabric careDuring the summer, we apply sunscreen products to protect our skin from the intense sun. Some products contain ingredients that may cause discoloration, a yellowish hue stain. Here’s how to get it off:

1. When you notice this stain on a washable fabric, first pre-treat the area with a pre-wash or stain-removal product. Then, put the item into the wash and use the hottest water that’s safe for the garment (read label). Air dry. Re-treat, if necessary.
2. Prevent these stains simply by applying sunscreen and letting it dry totally before you put on the garment. Also, always wash your hands right after using screen and dry off with a paper towel.

Hair Dye Lands on Hands and Nails?

posted by lwhite

hand softenerIt’s so easy for this to happen when you are dyeing your hair. Remove it as soon as you can. Use this home-style remedy, which usually works well and safely:

Squeeze a lemon or lime, which contain citric acid, on the spots and on your nails. It acts as a natural bleaching agent. Allow it to remain on for several minutes and then scrub with a nail brush. Rinse thoroughly in lots of warm water. Moisturize hands with lotion. Repeat, if needed.

Houseflies Bugging You?

posted by lwhite

6_29_houseflies_in_the_summer_VinothChandarHouseflies love the summer months because they thrive in the heat. And they just seem to love coming into your house and annoying everyone. Here’s how to control them:

1. Preventing flies from getting inside your home is the best way to control them. Have good screens on doors and windows. Do not leave doors open! Keep foods covered and sealed.
2. Try this non-toxic way to kill flies: Fill a squirt bottle with a mild detergent-water mixture, about 1/3 cup of dishwashing detergent and 1 gallon of water. Spritz them with it. Also, a quick spray of hair spray does immobilize flying insects!

Caring for You Shoes

posted by lwhite

leather shoesWhen you invest your money in a good pair of shoes, it’s important to take the time to care for them. It will pay off because they will look better and last a lot longer. Here are the steps you should take routinely:

1. Wipe or dust off the surface of your shoes frequently.
2. Use a paste or cream polish to maintain the leather.
3. Examine the tips, soles and heels often. If you see rips or tears, get them to a shoe-repair store right away. If the soles are getting worn, replace them.
4. Use shoetrees to aid shoes in retaining their shape.
5. When shoes get wet, crumple up newspaper and stuff inside and allow to dry for a couple of hours. This also will help to keep the shape.

Hard-Water Spots on Aluminum-Frame Shower Door?

posted by lwhite

ToothburshOften, these spots are unavoidable because of hard water, and they look so unattractive, but here’s an easy way to get rid of them:

1. Mix half household vinegar with half water. Scrub the frame thoroughly. To clean the corners, dip a toothbrush into the solution and rub it into the corners.
2. Dry completely. Polish with a paste wax, such as car wax, to help stop the spots from recurring. Also, if you clean the door frame often, the buildup won’t happen.

Stuffed Animals and Dolls Dirty?

posted by lwhite

cleaning stuffed animals, stuffed animal cleaning, stuffed animal cleaning tipsIf you notice that your children’s stuffed animals or dolls are dusty or funky smelling, and need a bit of cleaning up, here’s how to do it:

1. Brush or vacuum off visible dust and debris.
2. If you can’t wash the dolls or stuffed animals, put them into a big plastic bag and then pour in about 1 cup of baking or more. Go outside and shut the bag tightly and shake it vigorously. Make sure the baking soda coats everything. They will be refreshed. Take each one out and shake off the baking soda or use a soft hairbrush to remove it all. Let the dolls and animals sit in the fresh air for a couple of hours.

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