Heloise Hints

Heloise Hints

Make Your Own Odor Remover

posted by lwhite

9-12-JarsIf you have stinky smells around your home, you don’t have to buy expensive odor removers. Instead, you can create your own very cheaply. Here’s how:

1. Pour household vinegar into several wide-mouth, big glass jars.
2. Next, add several cloves or cinnamon.
3. Then, microwave for just a minute or two.
4. Finally, place the jars in the rooms that need some refreshing.

Transporting Cooked Food to a Potluck Dinner?

posted by lwhite

eggsforpartyIf you have cooked vegetables, a stew or anything that you want to keep warm on the way to a pot luck party, here’s a Heloise Hint you will love:

Put the hot veggies, stew or dip into one (several, if needed) wide-mouth, half-gallon thermos jugs. They will stay hot and won’t spill all over the car.

Difficulty Frosting a Cake?

posted by lwhite

bakingIf you are having trouble getting the icing smooth around a crumbly cake because it’s lumping up or sticking to the spatula, here’s how to solve this problem:

Place the cake into the freezer and leave it until the cake is firm. Then, when you frost it, you won’t have the sticking or the unevenness of the icing. Also, dip the spatula into hot water between use.

Many Uses for a Toothbrush

posted by lwhite

ToothburshAlways buy toothbrushes in bulk. They come in handy for things other than cleaning your teeth! Here are a few unconventional ways you can you toothbrushes around the house:

1. To remove bits of food stuck in the tines of a fork.
2. To clean the handles of pots and pans.
3. To eliminate dirt and grit on the handles or the rubber around the stove or oven.

Pet Food Dishes Messy?

posted by lwhite

petfoodPets can be messy when they eat and leftover food can easily get stuck to the dish. Here’s how to prevent that problem:

1. Before you put food (especially canned) into the dish, spray it with a non-flavored, non-stick spray. Then you can just wipe off the crud.
2. To prevent the water dish from spilling on the floor, put a rubber mat with a lip under the food and water the dishes. It will contain all the water and debris.

Window Decals Stuck?

posted by lwhite

vinegarWe often place our parking or school decals on car windows but when the time comes to take them off, it can be difficult. Here’s how to get them off:

Apply several coats of household vinegar or a petroleum-based prewash spray over the decal. Let it remain on for several minutes. It should be loosened enough to peel off. Use a scraper to remove any remaining residue.

New Appliance?

posted by lwhite

electric cord inspection tips, heloise hints, hints from heloiseAfter you get your new appliance installed properly, there are several other steps you should take:

1. Save the manual and any instructional material that comes with it.
2. Store the warranties or guarantees with the manual so you can access them when you need them.
3. Find reliable appliance repair service if needed.

Storing Cheese

posted by lwhite

cheeseWhen you bring cheeses home from the supermarket, it’s important to store them properly, so they last longer and you don’t end up tossing them out! Here’s what you should do:

1. Place cheese in the refrigerator in a sealable plastic bag. If the cheese is sliced keep it in the original wrapper then into a plastic bag.
2. Moisture may cause many types of cheese to become moldy. To prevent that, place a couple of sugar cubes or a paper napkin in a plastic zippered bag, along with the cheese.

Storing Chocolate for Cooking

posted by lwhite

chocolate When you buy this kind of chocolate, you should wrap it well and store in a cool spot that’s also dry. Here’s what else you should do.

* You do not need to put chocolate in the refrigerator, just keep it away from light, heat or strong odors because they can negatively affect it. Don’t keep it next to the stove.
* Chocolate of this type should last for about a year, but if it’s texture or flavor seems different, time to throw it out.

Bored with Pancake or French Toast Toppings?

posted by lwhite

measure-third-cup-maple-syrupEven though maple syrup is wonderful drizzled on top of these favorite breakfast eats, sometimes it might be nice to have a change. Here are some suggestions.

* Heat up chunky-style applesauce and mix 1 or 2 teaspoons of cinnamon with it.
* Sprinkle powdered sugar over pancakes.
* Mix maple syrup with a bit of chocolate syrup to drizzle over French toast.

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