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Heloise Hints

Vinegar for Beauty and Health

posted by eolsen

vinegarWhile we think of vinegar as a useful product for cleaning around the house, but it is so versatile and safe, that it is amazingly helpful in a million other ways:

1. To clean icky hairbrushes: First, clean off hair, and then soak the brushes for 30 minutes in half vinegar and half water. Rinse well, and air dry.

2. To lessen insect stings and itches: Soak a cotton ball or tissue in white vinegar and put over the areas where you have been bitten an insect or stung by a wasp.

3. To get shinier hair: Mix 1 tablespoon of white vinegar to 1 cup of water and pour through your hair. It will remove soap film and your hair will look better.


Vinegar is a cheap, safe and multi-use household product you should always have handy.To lessen sunburn, pour apple-cider vinegar onto a soft cloth and dab over burned areas. For more Heloise money saving vinegar hints, click here to find them on my Website: www.Heloise.com

Baby-Formula Stains Be Gone!

posted by eolsen

baby fomulaIt’s inevitable that adorable babies gurgle and spit up baby formula all over clothing and other things! Here are my favorite Heloise Hints to get these tough-to-remove stains out:

1. Attack the stain immediately, because, if not, it can become difficult to remove or even permanent.

2. Soak the article of clothing in cold water for 5-10 minutes first, then rub liquid laundry detergent into the stained area. You also can spritz the stain with an enzyme pre-soak or pre-wash spray.

3. Wash as normal; don’t put in the dryer. Air dry, and recheck the stain.

4. If the stain lingers, sponge it with a dry-cleaning fluid and wash again.

De-Stressing! Water to the Rescue

posted by eolsen

bathtubAfter an action-packed, long day, taking a relaxing bath can be a wonderful way to unwind. You can grab low cost items you have in your house to make the bath even more aromatic and calming. I do this after a business trip when I come home with sore and stress muscles:

1. Add 1/4-1/2 cup of herbs, such as rose petals, rosemary or mint into a net bag and into the water for an herbal bath. The bag makes clean up easy.

2. Put several drops of lavender, geranium or eucalyptus essential oil into your hot bath.

3. If your skin is really dry, also put 1 tablespoon of castor or sweet oil into the bath to soften skin.

Make Kids Breakfast Fun

posted by eolsen

kids breakfastIf your kids are bored with breakfast or just don’t like to eat it, try these Heloise Hints to get their attention and make them more interested in breakfast:

1. Create a breakfast pizza: Bake a whole-wheat crust and top with cheesy scrambled eggs and (real or fake) bacon bits. Add tiny pieces of veggies, too.
2. Make a breakfast banana split: Put out a flat bowl and then fill it with a peeled and split banana. Sprinkle 1 cup of dry cereal over it and mix in ½ cup of yogurt. Top off with berries, slices of apple or even miniature chocolate chips.

Don’t Over Pack Your Suitcase!

posted by eolsen

suitcaseIt always seems so difficult to fit everything you want to take into your luggage, but here are some Heloise Hints to help you make more efficient use of the space and that means you can take (and bring home) more:

1. Place the heaviest items on the bottom of suitcase, meaning when the bag is picked up.

2. When packing shoes, store sole-to-sole, with the heel of one shoe meeting the toes of the other. Don’t waste the space inside the shoes; tuck stockings, hose and underwear there.

3. To prevent clothing from wrinkling while in transit, roll items instead of folding.

4. Pack only travel or trial-size toiletries! Don’t take the big bottle of shampoo!

5. Attach a business card (or note) with a contact or cell number inside the luggage, in case it’s lost. Of course, you should have a tag on the outside too.

Sticky, Gummy Video Game or Cell Phone Equipment

posted by eolsen

video gamesYour children’s must-have tech devices do get a messy workout with all those dirty, sticky fingers. So here’s the quickest way to get off the gunk:

TO CLEAN: The best way for children to clean a cell phone is by using an alcohol based wet wipe, but not on the screen. This at least will remove the surface gunk. For gaming equipment, unplug first and wipe down with a microfiber cloth. For the controllers, use a bit of rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab to clean.
TO SAVE: Dust the devices weekly and try to keep soft drinks and food away from them. But if water or soda gets into any of these pieces of equipment or they are dropped, make certain the children let you know, so they can be dealt with ASAP!

Stinky Lunchboxes? Double Yuck!

posted by eolsen

lunchboxIf your children take lunches to school, the lunchbox or bag will inevitably get dirty and smelly. Here’s how to remove the bad odors:

TO CLEAN: Lightly wet a paper towel with a bit of household vinegar or sprinkle some odor-neutralizing baking soda on it. Place inside the lunch bag or box overnight. Next morning, wash and dry well. To air out, always leave the top open.

TO PREVENT: Have your children keep their lunchboxes clean by tossing out uneaten food or wrappers every day. A simple napkin can wipe off the inside surface.

Filthy Children’s Backpacks! Yuck!

posted by eolsen

backpackYour kids’ backpacks will end up being disgusting during the school year. Everything it seems will be crammed inside and left like it’s a portable garbage bag. Use these hints to try to keep it clean:

1. To get rid of the dirt that you see on the backpack, brush off with a dry brush or vacuum with the upholstery attachment. The brush attachment on the vac is my new favorite Heloise Hint! Try it on dusty clothes!
2. Turn the backpack upside down over an open newspaper to eliminate debris and contain it. Then wipe the inside with soap on a moistened sponge, rinse off, and then air-dry. Store backpacks in a dry area, so mold doesn’t grow.
3. Never soak the entire backpack in water because it can damage the surface coating. If the zipper gets stuck, use a piece of candle to run along the teeth or use a fabric silicone spray that won’t stain the material.
4. To prevent a backpack from getting dirty, assign one day a week (Friday or Saturday) for your children to empty everything from the backpack. Make sure they unload food leftovers and debris. No smelly, rotten fruit or sandwiches to stink up the backpack, or the corner it gets thrown into.

Frantic Morning Rush?

posted by eolsen

breakfastGetting everybody ready for school in the morning can be such a crazy and stressful time. Here are several hints to make it calmer, so hopefully it goes a little more orderly:

1. Before bedtime, make sure your children gather all their school papers and put them into their backpacks, so they won’t be looking for them in the morning.
2. Set the breakfast table before you go to bed. Put out dishes and dry cereal.
3. Make lunches over the weekend. Freeze sandwiches (without mayo or mustard, lettuce, etc.) and then just pull them out in the morning and finish off.
4. Get your older children to decide what they’re going to wear the next day—before they go to bed. For smaller kids, you can choose the outfits and lay them out at night.

Too Many Family and Children Activities?

posted by eolsen

familyGetting your household running efficiently can be a daunting task. Here are a few Heloise Hints to help wrangle your children’s extracurricular activities in some sense of order, which will help everybody save time and energy:

1. Put a basket on a table near the front door to put your children’s papers that might need a signature and that have to be returned to school.
2. Place a bin in each child’s bedroom to dump/hold all the things they bring home from school, books, etc.
3. Have a specified rack or large plastic garbage can designated to hold all sports equipment.
4. Contain all old school papers and drawings by giving each child their own folder to store them in.

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