Heloise Hints

Heloise Hints

Toilet Paper Hint

posted by jkerr

Before you put the roll on the holder, simply slightly flatten, by squeezing, the whole roll. This will help keep paper on the roll a bit longer.

Other Uses for Fabric-Softener Sheets

posted by jkerr

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1. To freshen the air, put a sheet under the front seat of your car or hang in a closet.
2. To eliminate soap scum on shower doors, simply wipe clean with a used fabric-softener sheet.
3. To deodorize sneakers or shoes, put a sheet inside each shoe overnight and they will smell better in the morning.

How to Cook Rice

posted by jkerr

* Use twice as much liquid as rice.
* Turn down the heat to low as soon as the liquid comes to a boil and simmer rice gently.
* If you mix 4 cups of this rice with 1-1/2 cups of beans you’ve a healthy dish of starch and protein.

Fluffier Flapjacks

posted by jkerr

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1. Blend ingredients just until they are moist—don’t overbeat the batter.
2. Sub in an equal amount of warm club soda for the milk in the recipe and cook the batter right away.
3. Do not press down on the batter with a spatula while cooking or turn the pancake over more than once because it will make it heavy and flatter.

Make Cleaning Easier

posted by goquin

organize cleaning supplies, cleaning supplies organization, cleaning suppliesCleaning can be such a chore and a bore. So to save time and energy when cleaning, buy several plastic totes and fill each with all the cleaning supplies you need, along with microfiber cloths and roll of paper towels. Then do the following.

Put one under the kitchen sink, in each bathroom and the laundry room. You won’t have to lug individual cleaning supplies to each cleaning area; instead you have a complete set close at hand in case of an emergency.

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