Heloise Hints

Heloise Hints

Photo Stuck to the Glass in a Frame?

posted by lwhite

heloise hints, picture frame tips,If you have a treasured picture in this situation, you can try to save and remove it. Follow these steps carefully:

1. First, scan the pictures or take a photo of it through the glass. You will have a copy—just in case.
2. Put the frame and photo or just glass and photo into a plastic freezer bag (but don’t close it totally shut, so moisture can evaporate) and put it into the freezer for a day or so. You should be able to slowly lift the picture from the glass.

NOTE: DO NOT try this with antique, valuable, one-of-a kind pictures. Instead contact a professional photo restorer.

Preventing Kitchen Fire Hazards

posted by lwhite

electric cord inspection tips, heloise hints, hints from heloiseIf you are using a number of kitchen appliances, like slow cookers or electric frying pans, it’s important to check the cords often because they can become fire dangers. Here’s why:

1. When using a slow cooker that’s going to be plugged in all day, be sure the cords are not frayed or damaged. Wipe them clean after use.
2. Also, it’s best to plug them directly into the wall socket. Do not put into extension cords because the temperature might vary and that could change the cooking effectiveness.

Orange-Colored Stains

posted by lwhite

Heloise Hints, Other Uses for Spaghetti, Leftover Spaghetti usesSpaghetti sauce or French salad dressing always seem to drip onto clothing and leave such awful orange stains on our garments, which can be so hard to get out. Here’s how to remove them:

1. Use a clean, cotton cloth and dampen it with water and moisten with a squeeze of lemon juice or a bit of white vinegar.
2. Turn the garment inside out and place on a towel and blot the stain (do not rub because that could spread it) until it’s gone.
3. Rinse in clear water.

NOTE: Use this ONLY on synthetic fibers or cottons, but NOT on silk.

Vinegar is an amazing household product that can be used in so many ways around the home. For more vinegar hint, click here.

Making Better Popcorn

posted by lwhite

popcornPopcorn is such a wonderful snack for the family. Ever think about how it pops? The dried corn pop opens when heated because the moisture inside the hull vaporizes, causing pressure. When it reaches 400 degrees, the hull bursts open 35 times its size. Here’s how to make it fluffier and better:

1. Store popcorn in an airtight container and put into the refrigerator or freezer.
2. The more moisture in the popcorn, the bigger it will cook up.
3. When cooking popcorn, keep the lid ajar a bit so the steam escapes. Then the popcorn won’t be soggy.

Knives for Your Kitchen

posted by lwhite

chop clockAs most of us know, one of a cook’s best friends in the kitchen is a quality, sharp knife. In fact, you really can do most everything—cutting, dicing and chopping—with just three knives. Here’s the cutting edge info on the three:

1. A long chef’s knife will be the best for slicing and chopping.
2. A paring knife with a 2 to 4-inch blade will be best for peeling vegetables and fruits.
3. A serrated knife does a great job to slice breads.
4. When you buy these knives, look for a quality knife made of high-carbon, stainless steel. The blade should extend into the length of the handle. Keep them sharpened, so they function well.

Baking Soda as Fire Extinguisher

posted by lwhite

heloise hints, camping tips, baking soda usesWhen baking soda is on sale, buy extra boxes to keep in your kitchen. You can use it to contain small grease or oil cooking fires. Here’s how-to use it most effectively in an emergency:

1. If you see small flames, try to turn off the stove.
2. Then move back away from it and toss a handful of baking soda onto the BASE of the flames. Add more, if needed.
3. If possible, put a large metal lid on top of the frying pan to help eliminate the fire.
4. Do NOT throw baking soda into a deep-fat fryer because it could splash the grease and spread it.
5. If the fire grows larger, get out of the kitchen and call 9-1-1.

Baking soda is a versatile and environmentally friendly household staple.
For more baking soda hints, click here.

Flower Vase Has Ugly Water Ring

posted by lwhite

12-27-glass vaseIf you notice a crusty calcium-type ring inside the vase, it was probably caused by using tap water that contains minerals. However, you can remove the unsightly ring. Here’s how to do it:

1. Warm enough full-strength household vinegar to cover the deposits and then pour inside the vase.
2. Cover the top of the vase with your hand and shake the vase.
3. Let the vinegar soak in the vase overnight.
4.The next day, rub the inside with a nonabrasive scrub pad to make sure everything is dissolved. The wash and rinse for a final clean.

Paint is Wrinkling?

posted by lwhite

hardwood_floorsIf you are painting a room and you see that the paint is starting to wrinkle, here’s what you can do to stop or correct it. Take these steps right away:

First, examine the area to see if you have been applying way too much paint or if the paint is too thick. Then, to correct it, you can thin the paint, which will create a lighter application (directions on how to thin should be on the paint can). Also, you can sand the surface and reapply a lighter coat.

Make Home Fragrances

posted by lwhite

9-12-JarsWe love to have our homes smelling nice and fresh. But commercial fragrances can be pricy to buy. You can make-your own lovely scent combinations for less money. Here’s how:

1. Buy essential oils, such as orange, lavender, peppermint or bergamot, at independent drug stores. These pure and aromatic oils are distilled from flowers, plants, herbs or fruit.
2. Put a bit of your favorite oil onto cotton balls. Then place these into small glass jars or margarine tubs (make holes in the lids and secure tightly) and put in hidden areas in rooms to provide a fresh aroma.
3. Make sure your pets or small children don’t get into them.

Storing Cans

posted by lwhite

Canned foodIf your pantry is disorganized, here’s a colorful idea and organizational hint for canned goods:

Store them by color! Rearrange the canned goods by color.
1. Green shelf—pickles, peas green beans
2. Red shelf—tomato sauce, beets, cranberries, cherries
3. Yellow shelf—corn, fruit cocktail, pineapple
4. White shelf—applesauce, mayo, onions

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