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Smelly Dog Beds and Dog Dishes Dirty?

posted by eolsen

dogWe love our dogs, but they can get dirty (especially if they play outside or have a doggie door) and carry that to their beds. They also can be messy eaters and drinkers. Here are some hints on cleaning up after them:

1. Yucky dog food (especially moist canned) and water bowls need to be cleaned often. It’s best to clean the food bowls in hot, soapy water, right after they eat (or at least every few days), so wet food does not dry and get stuck to it. To prevent this sticky crud, spritz a bit of non-stick cooking spray into the dish before you put the food inside. Also, place the dishes on a plastic placemat to contain the spills. We do this for our new family member, Chammy, a silky Wheaten, who adopted us, from the Human Society here in San Antonio, Texas. Woof, woof from Chammy and Heloise.

2. Take smelly dog beds outdoors and give them a good shake to remove debris and dirt. Wash the beds by themselves (no other items in the washer), if the tag says it’s safe in hot water and on the highest water level. Do not add fabric softener. Fluff in the dryer.

  • Jella Rene

    A good, natural, safe way to clean the dog beds or pillows that they may use is something called Doghouse Rock by Rockin Green . This is a great product to get rid of the pet smell and is completely Phosphate Free – Enzyme Free – SLS Free. I highly recoomend for toys, beds, blankies and other doggie stuff around the house!!

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