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Mothball Odor in Clothes? Easy Fix!

posted by eolsen

washing_machineIf clothes or furniture have been stored with mothballs, the stench can be overpowering and awful when you take them out to be used. Here are some Heloise Hints to get rid of the stink:
1. Give clothes and furniture plenty of air circulation to lessen the mothball odor.
2. For clothing, hang them outside in fresh air, which will help the smell dissipate. Then put just these clothes into washing machine (no other garments). Add washing soda or baking soda to the regular amount of detergent you use.
3. For furniture, if the mothball smell permeates the inside of a chest or drawer or cedar chest, take the drawers out and air out. Use a fine-grade sandpaper to lightly sand the inside and vacuum up the shavings. If you still smell the odor, crumple up newspapers and shove them inside to also absorb the smell. And finally wipe the inside with a cloth that has been dampened with household vinegar. Let air-dry.

Baking soda has so many uses and is one of my favorite go-to products at home. Teddy bears smelly? Sprinkle baking soda onto them, rub in a bit, and leave for a while. Then brush them out and stuffed animals will be refreshed. Click here for more baking soda hints at my Website: www.Heloise.com

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