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Spider Webs inside Your Home?

posted by lwhite

spiderIf you suddenly notice a lot of spider webs around your home and you don’t like them, be aware that here’s a reason they are there. Spiders like to eat moths and flies and if you have them in your home, spiders will be munching on them. Here’s how to get rid of them:

1. Clean up the inside of your home really well to get rid of all other pests. Vacuum up webs and remove all egg cases and place in the trash. Dust corners and behind furniture and anywhere else you have seen webs. Spiders won’t come in your home, if there’s nothing to eat.
2. Around the outside of your house, remove wood or debris where spiders might like to hang out. Also wipe away all the webs too.

  • Carolyn Moore Davis Murdock

    Hi Carol, It is very hot and humid here. Spiders love this region of SC all the way down through Florida. Oh boy, do they have exotic bugs in Florida. Anyway, I hate spiders. I would like NEVER to have to look at another one as long as I live !!

  • http://youtube.com/wearyhag Carol G

    Naomi — thanks for your post here. I will give this a try as well! I’m not so much an arachnophobe but I don’t like them in my space and as much as I love nature and all living things, they will die should they get caught; most likely by the paws of one of our cats. Outdoors I’m more apt to photograph them or inspect them closely. I’m growing lavender as we speak and this will be one of the many uses.

  • Carol G

    Thank you for this advice. I had heard this long ago but forgot all about it so thank you for posting it here.

  • Naomi Offner

    I heard that lavender is another thing they don’t like.

  • Carolyn Moore Davis Murdock

    Oh gosh, I can’t stand spiders. I am a true arachniphobe !! I heard that peppermint oil mixed with water and sprayed in corners, at doorways, will make spiders clear OUT ! They hate peppermint ! So, I am going to try it.

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