Heloise Hints

Heloise Hints

Removing White Rings from Furniture

posted by jkerr

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1. Mix half non-gel toothpaste and half baking soda into a paste.
2. Put some of the mixture on a damp cotton cloth and gently rub until the marks disappear.
3. Buff with a dry cotton cloth.


  • http://www.allaboutrental.com.au/ Alisa Hill

    You can take dilute vinegar for rubbing on furniture which can be used to remove white rings from furniture.

  • http://www.us2uremovals.com.au Perth Removal

    Very interesting story,saved your site for hopes to read more.

  • http://bostonloungedecor.com/trade-show-furniture-rentals/ Gozaeler

    Without buying new furniture decorating home with the old and those we have is an innovative quality. Everyone don’t have this quality, some specific peoples have it. It is a hidden nature of that people and also we can say it god gifted. Furniture is the most essential elements for a home. Without these our living is quite difficult and problematic.

  • http://www.theconsignmentwarehouse.com/ Bareet

    Sometimes we are unable to take proper care of our furniture. When we bring the furniture one place to another always we can found some damage on them. It is because of misplaced of that furniture on vehicle at t6he time of transport.

    After reading the above article I think these tips are very useful for all which takes care of our furniture.

  • http://www.creativeeventservices.com/ Summer Fields

    White rings on the furniture can be an eyesore at times. Not that it causes some damage to the furniture or so but because it just ruins the neat grainy look that the furniture comes with when bought. Therefore most people prefer to get rid of the ugly white rings,

  • http://www.dooleysfurniture.com/white-furniture.html Nidhi

    Hi it’s really a useful idea of removing white rings from furniture. Thanks for your useful tips. But I am not fully clear about non-gel toothpaste please.

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