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The other day, after looking at my calendar and seeing how jam packed the upcoming week, month, year was, I started to feel panicky. The days are full. Completely full. They are the kind of days where I wonder how […]

There are millions of ways to live our lives. There are millions of paths we can take to get from here to there. There are millions of people we can interact with and millions of experiences we can have. There […]

When the sun is shining, do you go out and soak it up? Or do you think about the drought and wish for rain?  When the birds are singing, do you open the windows and enjoy their songs? Or do […]

You can hang onto your pain. Shackle yourself to the heaviness of it. Or you can begin to let it go. You can allow yourself to be free. It’s up to you.   You can be consumed by your anger […]

How would your world be different if you suspended disbelief – just for a single moment? If you allowed yourself to open your heart to miracles and believe that the world is a magical place. How would your life be […]

Do you ever have one of those days where nothing seems to be working out the way you hoped it would? Maybe you stubbed your toe when you got out of bed, and then you got accidentally turned the cold […]