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Soul Whisper - Jodi ChapmanI haven’t always listened to my soul. In fact, I never spent much time thinking about my soul at all. It’s true that, like all of us, I would hear inner whispers – asking me to embrace something or leap toward something – but I would ignore them. I would shush this voice and let it know that I didn’t have time for such frivolous notions and urges. And I would get back to living my structured, safe, passionless life.

As the years went on, the whispers became louder and the urgency became clearer. It was becoming next to impossible not to pay attention to this inner voice – it was becoming next to impossible not to listen.

I wonder if you can relate. I know that we all hear these voices, and I know that many of us ignore them. And I have a feeling that when we do that, the voices just get louder and louder until eventually we have to stop what we’re doing and pay attention to them.

We can be pretty stubborn, can’t we? But so can our soul.

Because that’s what these whispers are: our soul speaking to us. Our wise soul helping us see where we’ve gotten off course. Our loving soul asking us to honor what it is we came here on Earth to do.

Our soul knows how important we are and how important our calling is. And our soul wants to make sure that we follow through with our mission: to spread love in whatever way we are best able to. Because that’s why I believe we are all here – to light the world in our own unique way.

Some of us will be in the spotlight and others will be behind the scenes. Each are equally important and each has a direct impact on every life they touch.

When my soul’s whisper became a full-on shout, I started to listen and take action on what it was saying to me. I began to change how I lived my life – saying yes and moving forward and sharing love and helping others. I started letting my soul drive the car of my life, and in doing so, my entire life opened up both dramatically and positively.

If you’ve also been pushing aside your soul’s whispers, please know that this voice is there to help guide you toward your best life. And life flows much more easily when we step aside and let this higher part of ourselves drive.

Here are 5 ways to help you hear your soul: 

  1. Slow down. Our soul usually speaks to us softly – in whispers and intuitive nudges. In order to hear and sense our soul, we must be still.
  2. Be present. Our soul communicates with us in the present moment. The more we can bring ourselves to this moment through deep breathing, consciousness, and meditation, the easier it will be to hear our soul speak.
  3. Journal. Get to know your soul through writing. Start a journal that is solely to communicate with this wise inner voice and see what comes out. Ask it questions and write the answers without censoring or changing them. Stay open to the possibility.
  4. Love. Our soul’s language is love. So when we open our hearts to love, we also open our hearts to our soul.
  5. Raise your vibration. When we’re in line with the universe, our higher power, our angels, and love, we can’t help but connect with our soul. A daily gratitude practice is a wonderful way to raise your vibration and be able to hear your soul’s messages.


Our soul is that part of us who is so wise and so connected to everything in our universe. When we pay attention to its wisdom, we allow our lives to expand in such beautiful ways. 

If you are already listening to your soul, I would love to hear in the comments about how your life has opened up because of it. If you would like to begin to better hear your soul, the suggestions above are a wonderful way to start. Please come back and share your experiences with it!

Happy soul connecting!




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Jodi Chapman is a bestselling author, an award-winning blogger, and a soulful community builder. She lives her life with love and faith in the driver’s seat, and she hopes to leave a trail of inspiration wherever she goes. She believes that we each have the ability to hear our soul’s whisper and create our best lives. She would love to connect with you!

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