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Via Imgur.comLove has so many faces. Love is known for its grace, forgiveness and acceptance. Love is also strong as a leader. And love is also the gateway to the soul.

Anthony Douglas Williams writes, “Love is the secret password to every soul.”

These eight words—particularly the word love—are all we need to know, the rest is all and only commentary.

If only we could connect to and embrace such simplicity, such mindfulness.

Our soul’s calling is to live a life a purpose, love, fulfillment and service. Yet, it’s the challenge of living in our modern society, that leads to disconnection from our soul. Most of us grow up in an environment that pulls us away from our inherent nature, which is love.

Our all-knowing source we know as love, yet for most people, we only visit a church, temple or holy places on Sundays or special holidays to remind us there is something greater. Then we go back to “reality.” Just look around and see what humanity has created—a distortion, a separation from love.

Why do we disconnect from ourselves and is there something we can do about it?

Our conditioning is set to control, or the attempt to control our environment, our life. Many even have air conditioning to control the temperature.

Western society creates control freaks. It actively promotes fear-based thinking. Only fear can lead to the desire to control.

Fear separates us from reality.

Fear distorts our experience tangibly. Fear separates us from experiencing our true nature and being grateful for simply being.

The antidote is simple.

A single deep breath opens the path to oneness, invites contemplation along the path of stillness and inner knowing.

From a larger perspective, we are experiencing love.

Inherently, at our core, we are loving beings. If I look around at what we have created, it is from a thinking and belief system of separation and disconnection from source energy, separation from compassion. Our conditioning and belief systems are not who we are.

The Dalai Lama, after many years of spiritual communion, stated that, “Most of our troubles are due to our passionate desire for and attachment to things that we misapprehend as enduring entities.”

Hence we are chasing things and escaping things that seem real, yet are transitory in nature. However much we chase physical desires will never satisfy our spiritual hunger in the material world.

The things we think are real are temporary illusions. Nothing physical in this world lasts. This concept is really a license to let go more and enjoy life’s journey. If we could know that everything is ephemeral, doesn’t it just make fun and laughter spontaneous. Why take anything personally or seriously? Is anything so serious that we forget to laugh and have fun?

There are physical drives and desires that need fulfilling. It is not necessary to suppress our natural needs. The desperation, sadness, feeling of being “lost” and addictions many people have experienced and are experiencing are what needs addressing—mostly asking for compassion.

It’s not to say that physical pursuits are pointless in themselves, just to say that all will pass away except our soul. The sudden shock of a lost loved one, the ending of a relationship, lost job, financial loss or serious health concern doesn’t need to be an impediment to our soul growth.

Loss and change can become the bedrock of our soul’s growth and spiritual development.

The knowledge of the state of changeability, or anicca—of nothing being permanent—is an essential gateway to wisdom. It’s so important that we are constantly aware of this impermanence.

Why is ‘anicca’ a key to understanding?

When we are suffering, we know it will come to an end. When we are enjoying pleasure, we know it will come to an end.

Once we can accept deeply the concept of impermanence, it allows our mind calm, it allows us to rest at night. We know that all things will pass away. It removes a lot of the obstacles to mindfulness we experience and the reasons we feel stressed.

Perhaps with all our air conditioning, heating, warming and cooling devices—the products of our technology—we are failing to feel the seasons, and attempting to maintain a neutral space that is most comfortable to us, but prevents us from feeling the seasons of life, the impenetrable changing nature of the world around us.

Always changing.

Or in the words of Kelsang Gyatso, the 7th Dalai Lama:

“If you look closely at and contemplate deeply the people and things that appear around you, you can see that all are in constant flux. Everything becomes a teacher of impermanence.”

The concept behind spiritual development practices, like prayer and meditation, is that they deepen and refine our idea of pleasure. If achievement defines our self-identity and meaning defines our goals, through a spiritual practice, we can shift our identity into something more pure, refined and long-lasting.

“Love is a flower of silence. It flowers only in silence, because it flowers in communion. If you cannot be without thoughts, you cannot be in love.” ~ Osho, Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, Volume 2

The secret password to our souls is not highfalutin complexity controlled and owned by the gatekeepers of wisdom. It is all around us. We are all invited to share it, embrace it, feel it, give it freely. Love cannot be owned, clung to or controlled.

Love is our birthright.

Welcome back home to silence.

Welcome in stillness.


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Helmuts Guigo_Evening swim_Calm Baltic sea after the sunsetFor the past couple of weeks I’ve been watching the thrilling U.S. Open tennis tournament and got caught up in this alluring television habit.

What I find with watching TV (Tel lie vision) is that it disconnects me from my own life, as I become sucked in to an imaginary world “out there.” one that is manufactured, created to distort reality for the most part. Or to present a false vision. It does very little to raise the most-important element of collective energy or collective unconsciousness.

A sporting event is actually happening, so it’s not technically imaginary, it’s just far-removed from my own life, if I’m not actively participating in it. Despite the pleasures of tennis, watching it still disconnects me from my own “reality.” I find this escapist and mind-numbing activity comforting and hence addictive.

In my practice of non-judgment, I also acknowledge that even that is okay. It is okay to indulge in enjoyable, mind-numbing activities, so long as others are not harmed. It is not helpful to judge myself excessively harshly, nor to ignore the detrimental effect it may have to myself and my life. I always intend to practise a middle path of understanding.

Ultimately, it’s all about connection—what connects us to our reality and the greater reality of higher consciousness.

There is no “good” and “bad” from this perspective. If the root of acceptance defines everything we do, we can work with what opportunities arise in present-moment awareness. There is no need to be in a state of conflict or suffer from separation or self-judgement.

The fundamental existential dilemma of our generation is metaphysical in nature—it is the delusion of separation. This is what is causing people as individuals and collectively as nations the most suffering right now.

What do I mean by the delusion of separation? It is the lack of wholeness that “separation” causes one to feel. It is the drug of little things designed to separate us from this grand life-changing reality that we and everything (…and all) are connected. It is the lack of love we feel from being separate, and our desire to fill this lack with counterfeits and distractions. From television, film, games, phones, internet and a myriad of the latest technological tools and gimmicks, is it an accident that we have created more distractions than ever before?

When we look at the economic situation worldwide, there is a sense of chaos and powerlessness. How things look on the outside mirrors what’s happening inside.

Who are we really? We are beings of great magnitude who believe many things about ourselves and the world. How we get out of the situation we find ourselves in depends on what we will believe about ourselves to heal our world.

It is our responsibility how we respond to life. Do we react or create, see ourselves as victims or creators? As Carl Jung said,‎ ”I am not what happened to me…I am what I choose to become.”

Here is our choice (in the words of Lao Tzu):

“If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself, if you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have is that of your own self-transformation.”

Consider carefully the individual and collective preferences that define destiny. Feel whole and connected to the world and life itself, or continue with the status quo preaching, and believing, separation?

What happens when we feel whole defies limitation. From one moment to the next, we can infuse our reality with an entirely different meaning. This new meaning then creates a new reality.

If you want to be part of the change, then it’s time to take responsibility for your thoughts and beliefs about the world (because they affect us all!). We affect every relationship with what we believe about relationships. We change the world when we change our beliefs.

Here are six ways to feel more connected to your soul:

1. Simplify.

Give away excess clutter and things you don’t need any more. Share with others.

Start by practising at least one technology-free day of the week.

The goal of this special techno-free day is to remove surplus technology. Thus, turn off phones, preferably no work that involves computers, no microwaves, no television, no radio, no email, no social media. Create a sabbath from technology! Enjoy the silence.

2. Stay close to the heart of nature.

The answers we seek lie in nature, which works perfectly without human intervention. Go outside, go for a walk/hike, go for a swim in the ocean, hug a tree, climb a mountain…feel the sun on bare skin.

Go barefoot as often as possible – feel the moisture of the grass or sand on your feet.

3. Change perspective.

If you don’t like your story, change it! Stories are living creations that can be changed.

Remove all blame, guilt and shame from the stories you tell yourself about your life, beginning now!

You can be anything you tell yourself you are. When in doubt, reinvent something better, something greater!

4. Feel at one with everything.

From a spiritual and energetic perspective, we are all connected. When you’re meditating, feel yourself expand to connect with the world. If you don’t meditate, then do this in traffic or during your daily commute. If you don’t have time, then steal a moment to feel connected with everyone and everything. Practice non-judgment whenever you can.

5. Take responsibility for the world.

When something happens you don’t like, ask, “How did I create that?”

This is a living principle of Gandhi’s teaching of being the change you wish to see in the world. It connects us deeply and makes sure we don’t feel separate.

6. Embrace possibility.

Here is an invitation to speak and act from the heart. The heart is where we feel connected to others. Shift your identity from your head to your heart, and see what happens next, moment to moment.


Photo Credits: Image via: Helmuts Guigo: Evening swim – Calm Baltic sea after the sunset.

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Via“All things are born of being. Being is born of non-being.” ~ Tao Te Ching, 40

A new age is dawning.

A new world is arising and being birthed.

Giving birth does not always appear as pure ease. The more one is able to let go, the easier it becomes. It does not take effort to let go. Without effort is effortlessness. It is possible – it is possibility if we allow and believe it to be. It’s like trying to lift one’s hand with conscious control instead of allowing it naturally to lift itself. If we embrace effortless expansion into joy, then even previously painful experiences can become cathartic, enlightening and even pleasurable.

The more we release, the more we are set free from the bondage of our ego.

Our awakening is emerging from the embers of past wars, destructive ego and selfishness. These dramas that are still continuing are gradually giving rise to self-knowledge and the insight of oneness or universal consciousness. The virtue of forgiveness has been spoken about for generations without truly taking hold in the human psyche. Why is this?

The cleansing catharsis of two world wars, and multiple genocides of the twentieth century was supposed to be a cleansing that would finally hammer the nail in the coffin of the cult of hatred, racism, greed and killing. Instead selfishness and greed continued to reign upon this beautiful land. If we see others as outsiders, they automatically become our enemies. The constant and often desperate seeking of more material wealth and clinging to attachments borne of scarcity consciousness is premised on a hierarchy of competition and privilege. Scarcity consciousness prevents the idea taking hold in practice of sharing. “Dog eat dog” competitiveness is far removed from gentleness, as it cannot afford compassion.

If our societies really cared for humanity, we wouldn’t have starving people, borders, or unnecessary suffering.

How can we be free unless we’re all free? If old ideas are not cleansed from the human psyche, we will be condemned to continue the cycle of hatred and selfishness premised on fear. The religions of the day are the same religions that have led us to multiple wars, slavery, ethnic cleansing, holocausts, child abuse and the same (and worse) treatment metered out to our animal and plant brothers and sisters (death, slavery and extinction).

Who are we kidding?

A new consciousness is bringing a message of universal love for all living beings, animal, plant and human. Even a rock is alive with energy. All life is sacred.

If we destroy our planet, we destroy ourselves—to what end?

Do we wish to create extinction?

It is in the complete trust in life itself, that we come to experience the higher states of bliss. It is this level of evolution that allows women to experience orgasmic birthing. It is this level of evolution that informs us that even though it appears the world is in a chaotic explosion of negativity and violence, we are birthing something new and wonderful, and this birthing process, in itself can be enjoyable too.

We are only limited by our minds that tell us it cannot be so.

Consciously trying to control “letting go” is like trying to control peace, prayer or meditation. The process itself requires a letting go that is not possible via volition. One can deliberately let go of control, yet one cannot deliberately be in control of letting go.

Pain is a blockage of the flow of energy, indicating a stuck emotion. Fear blocks this flow. Resistance holds the flow, preventing it from being felt and released within the body-mind complex. When we are ready to let go and release that energy, feeling activates the body’s inner wisdom. It is then natural to release and let go in a state of complete surrender and allowance.

Every leaf is unique, every person has a unique energetic frequency. This bio-energy guides the circumstances that we attract and how we experience those circumstances. Every person attracts unique experiences based on their unique frequency.

We can choose. We are able to choose something different as individuals and as a species. Yet it is our ability to let go and trust, surrender to the all-knowing conscious field of intelligence that surrounds us, that dictates how well we surf the waves of change.

Do we conform to the old ways—religious, economic and political control—or do we expand and evolve outwards into the new?

Anais Nin courageously spoke out against conformity –

“I disregard the proportions, the measures, the tempo of the ordinary world. I refuse to live in the ordinary world as ordinary women. To enter ordinary relationships. I want ecstasy. I am a neurotic—in the sense that I live in my world. I will not adjust myself to the world. I am adjusted to myself.”

Change is coming.

Will you live in a world of your own creation, or be satisfied by following others’ creations?

How will you surf the waves?


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Helmuts Guigo_Evening swim_Calm Baltic sea after the sunsetWhy are we suffering as a result of external stimuli filtered by our internal complexes and held within?

Marcus Aurelius has a powerful concept that explains this:

“If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself but to your own estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any time.”

This insight may not encompass the deeper reactions and induced suffering of the meme—those elements of the mind-body complex that have been experiencing, causing and creating suffering for generations. “Memes” are our genetic inheritance in terms of historic habits and patterns of behaviour, thinking and feeling. A “meme” is based on a thought-form or idea that creates behaviours, yet is not based on actual reality. Memes spread like thought viruses within cultures, affecting generations. The word, “meme,” coined by British biologist Richard Dawkins in The Selfish Gene, uses evolutionary principles to explain ideas being spread, yet the affect on the human mind and society is one worthy of exploration.

To break away from generations of falsehoods, and distorted conditioning, requires a shift into awareness and out of reactivity.

It is not what is happening that causes the most suffering, it is our reaction to what is happening. When awareness shifts, our whole reality shifts. It is the kind of awakening described by Nisargadatta Maharaj:

“Awareness is love in action.”

Awareness itself involves the motion of love. So why do we feel disconnected? The disconnection we feel is really a disconnection from our souls.

One of the biggest challenges facing our society is the removal of “soul” from our daily vernacular. We don’t talk about our souls.

Just because we don’t talk about it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Our soul is calling, inviting us to listen. Will we hear the call, follow the omens, and awaken to share in the love of Spirit?

William Blake writes in The Marriage of Heaven & Hell:

“If the doors of perception were cleansed, 
every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite.”

Imagine living in a world of wide-eyed awareness and complete perception, an infinite world.

Imagine how life would be if we came to the realization how wonderful and perfect life really is, and if with this affirmation we were able to transcend all the difficulties and suffering?

For if we were to fall in love with our souls there would be a lot less to prove, a lot less to steal, a lot less to cling to. The love inside and desire to serve others would naturally be expressed more and more. From a genuine place, love is love.

When we force love, control it or cajole it, it ends up being sullied.

Love is the greatest message and the greatest messenger from our souls, the deepest place within every human being.

I have done a lot of explorations. Seeking answers and contemplating the soul’s journey, understanding the nature of life, and the Buddha’s teachings about suffering and changeability (impermanence) does help, yet it doesn’t resolve all the world’s problems. I am in a human body, after all.

To me, the most productive practice for reaching higher states of awareness is to be in nature, whether with the ocean, plants, forests; it all starts with stillness. Some places of high vibration (temples/cathedrals) can also be that way, yet many of them are cluttered with noise and people’s energy, as well as the fear-based energy many of these old religions radiate.

Recently I discovered an amazing forest temple far-removed from people. It is dead-quiet, so silent, you feel like you are disappearing. Endlessly arising depth from stillness. For me peace, silence and stillness are the language of the soul.

The greatest expansion of groupthink since the industrial age began has been in the realm of materialism, creating physical structures….expansion, development and advancements in knowledge and science (our heads). Science is fashioned via logic, proof and evidence. Through this refinement and acquisition of knowledge, science has often followed a reductionist path, hence rejecting empiricism, imagination, emotion, and spirit.

The role of spirit has been almost entirely ignored. Hence, the state of the world today (admittedly a slight over-simplification!). My hope is that we can start to bring together eastern and western approaches/ world views together to create a synergy, and forge a new path. This is an optimistic dream, but dreams can change, and people have an infinite ability to change…so it is possible. The Mayans predicted that 2012 was the year when the two polarities of east and west start to merge, the beginning of balance and moderation perhaps?

(Since the dream has been a “false God,” a new dream can be created – a dream of peace, love, and respect for Gaia, our sacred earth.)

My fear is that we’re going to have to go through a period of difficult shifts before we can recreate our thoughts aligned to Spirit. I see the people around me still living and expanding the Western dream with such vigour and energy, that I don’t know if they’ll be able to stop their ill-fated trajectory. The beautiful soul of earth is so peaceful and forgiving, but there are realities and physical laws that need respecting. Western man has such a disregard for the soul of the planet, that it has created a tragic void in our hearts which is leading us to self-destruction.

What can we do about it?

Soul is a component of love, a tangible force which presides over our lives, and “animates” our beings. Soul is the part of us that lives on beyond our physical deaths. It is the part of us that reincarnates. Soul is based in our bodies, but has a non-local component, like all spiritual entities it is not physical, and not bound in any way to the physical.

Our soul speaks to us in our dreams, in our desires, in our yearnings, in our love, in our connection with nature. Soul is our connection to God. Soul is in our connection to loved ones.

Joni Mitchell sang:

“I remember that time you told me “love is touching souls”
Surely you’ve touched mine
cause part of you pours out of me
in these lines from time to time.”

We are all one when you look at Earth from space. The Earth is a living entity which supports and sustains us. Our lives, our future, our planet, are all connected. Wishing for you and for the entire planet a healed and reconciled Spirit, and a soul alight with the joy of being alive. Your soul deserves it.

We can do more to heal our souls.

I think that as a society, our biggest challenge is that of healing our souls.

Soul is our connection to God. What if we were to fall in love with our souls?


Photo Credits: Guigo Helmuts via (/photos/paldies/7816147678/in/photolist-cUFNoS-nLbR5n-e1P3sa-5SsDL3-pNL5v5-pZc9c2-58yXTc-qMivnG-74H8my-dMTZSE-od4hX9-9oXxHk-qVgJ7W-rePacd-GALqL-cSWyqW-qBFk3i-qvDduw-aBBpHT-6Z61aE-coYFMY-p6M88w-jJLmy-Gpye8-m9vweW-m9tNGv-rxAZki-8FuYuB-aJzpW8-ooAp-6Emmsu-qBmVR8-34Si9J-m77kRZ-dp1pHd-v1aXrn-uHj8SW-u3TeES-vtFpxS-8iq7vv-bt4uGa-ySpf3-wADn6N-ea3cLs-aWz9Yp-pSQhYz-pEyCEC-6yHs23-6yHrVW-btgugm)

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