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  It appears that out of nothing comes something. It starts in the invisible realm, but know that thoughts and feelings are things. It starts with an idea, a divine spark of creativity and then thoughts, feelings and actions. It […]

  ‘The things that I plan turn out great, but the things that just happen are even better.’                                       Lee W. Papier Making plans for your life is good and a wise thing to do. Yet, usually the most amazing […]

Inside every person’s heart is love, goodness and kindness. We are created in the image of God and God is unconditional love. This is our true blessing and divine heritage. It is time to acknowledge this. This is what matters most, unconditional […]

When the winter weather blows cold and the clouds outside are gray, it is a great time for a healthy cup of organic vegetable soup. It nourishes your body and also sends warmth and love to your spirit and soul.  […]

  Challenge = Opportunity Problem = Growth   Enthusiasm and a Positive Attitude can overcome any challenge, problem or obstacle. Problems and challenges make us go beyond our self imposed limitations. Life is full of opportunities. Some of them are […]

  “No one is a failure if he has a friend.”                                Anonymous      F – Fabulous R – Relationships I –  Inspire E – Enthusiasm N – Nirvana D – Delight   “Love is the only force […]

Life is actually quite simple. It is your mind that makes things so complicated. Your heart and intuition know what is appropriate every moment. The key is to listen to the still small voice within. The universe is always guiding […]

Last week I found out that an old friend, Suzie was killed in a fire in Northern California. She was a fun spirit, had a great attitude and love of life and freedom. Suzie raised three fine young men and taught […]

Did you know that 95% of your fears never happen? Worry, fear, concern, etc are simply a waste of your time and energy. If you are distracted or let your fears take hold, you are not able to focus and […]

We wish you Health… So you may enjoy each day in comfort. We wish you the Love of friends and family… And Peace within your heart. We wish you the Beauty of nature… That you may enjoy the work of […]