Have a Magnificent Day!

Have a Magnificent Day!

Key Ingredients to Success – Faith, Belief & Commitment

posted by The MEGA Coach

Total Faith & Commitment - "All In"

Whatever you want to create in life requires total faith, belief and commitment.
When I jumped out of an airplane I relied on total faith. 

When I took that last step out of the plane, I had definitely made a total commitment. 
There was no going back.  I was “All In” or in this case, completely commited.
I was now flying through the air and believing that my parachute would open for a safe landing.


Life is the same.  Whatever you want; health, a relationship, a new beginning, career, etc.
you must have the belief, faith and commitment to achieve it and maintain it.
Then you must take the action steps necessary.

When you keep a “back door open or have a plan B to fall back on” you are not totally committed.
Most importantly, your commitment, faith & belief must be congruent with your energy and state.
The words are easy, but do you have the true belief, faith and commitment to sustain your effort?
Are you willing to do what is necessary (without violating the rights of others) to achieve it?
Is your energy strong enough to sustain any challenge?


People who succeed have very different beliefs than people who fail. 
Your beliefs about who and what you are and what you are capable of greatly impact your thoughts, words, self-image, actions and results in life.  Beliefs are guiding principles along with faith and passion that give direction and meaning to your life.  Beliefs either empower you or destroy you.  When you congruently believe something it commands your brain to represent what is happening in a certain way.

“One person with a belief is equal to a force of ninety-nine who have only interest.”                 


                                                John Stuart Mill

At some point, life will present you with a situation that requires your total faith.
It will appear as if everything is against you and that your desired outcome seems impossible.
You will not be able to physically see the outcome you want, but your faith gives you the courage and strength to go forward against all odds to achieve and experience your outcome.  It is known as “blind faith.”

These qualities are essential to manifest powerful results in life.
When you create your Game Plan for $uccess and are clear of what you want and why you want it,
the universe will provide the “how.”  As you progress, your action steps may change as you discover in the moment more appropriate choices and opportunities.  Your promises or objectives may change too.
But your vision and purpose must be unshakable.


Let intuition be your guide, have fun and let it flow.
Allow your enthusiasm and passion to fuel you, propel you forward and overflow onto others.
Life is a dashing, bold adventure.

“There is GOLD DUST in the air!

:) Lee
The Mega Coach



Achieving Excellence, Part II

posted by The MEGA Coach

           Clear Vision – Flight of Freedom

Once you have completed your Elimination List and created a vacuum for what you want in your life,
you are ready to create your Game Plan for $uccess.



Action Steps: 

Vision and purpose are ongoing and expansive. 
Your vision is what you see yourself creating, an image of the future that you seek to create. 

Your purpose is your reason why, your motivation for creating your vision.
It is your driving force, compelling you onward over any obstacle or challenge.
Your purpose should be transcendent. 

Promises are another way of representing goals and objectives. Promises (goals) need to be specific and measurable. Like helping five people every day, or earning $10,000 a month or more, or taking a trip to Hawaii by 12/1/11. They have dates and number so that they can be achieved and measured.


Action steps are the specific tasks that you must do to achieve your promises and actualize your vision and purpose. They are the details that must be done to make your Game Plan of $uccess happen. They are the actions you must take consistently until you complete your plan.

You want to be aware and conscious to choose words that are expansive and that truly represent your divine plan or the truth in your heart and spirit. If it is a good idea but not your truth or burning desire, how will you really tap into your passion? This is your time to shine and follow your highest good.

Having a magnificent and inspiring purpose is critical to your success. You will discover that your purpose is actually quite simple and it usually relates to service. One of our greatest callings is to be of service to others and make a difference in this world.


It is helpful to use a dictionary and look up the meaning of the key words you want to use in your vision and purpose statements.  Often times the meaning of words is different than you think.  Make sure that the words you choose truly express and represent your intention, feelings and truth.  If it does not inspire you, how will it inspire others?

Another important factor in creating a powerful Game Plan in writing is that it puts down your creative ideas and desires in physical form on paper and takes this important information out of your mind so that you can clearly focus on it. There is a wonderful saying, “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I write and I understand.”
It is also essential that you be able to convey the essence of your vision and purpose in a simple sentence. If you had ten seconds to share your concept with another person what words would you say that totally and powerfully convey your truth? Remember “KISS,” keep it simple superstar!


“Where there is vision, people prosper.”

The power of vision is extraordinary. Throughout history it has led to the world’s greatest accomplishments. At the core of every great discovery or creation is a powerful vision.

Enjoy this short video and story about eagles:

Have a prosperous day!
:) Lee
The Mega Coach





Achieving Excellence, Part I

posted by The MEGA Coach

                          Golden-Helicon Butterfly

There is an old Hindu legend that tells when the Gods were making the world they asked,
‘Where can we hide the most valuable of treasures, so that they will not be lost?
How can we hide them so that the lust and greed of men will not steal or destroy them. 
What can we do to make sure that these riches will carry on from generation to generation
for the benefit for all mankind?’


So in their wisdom they selected a hiding place that was so obvious that it would not be seen
and there they placed the true riches of life endowed with the true power of perpetual self-replenishment.  In this hiding place these treasures can be found by every living person in every land who follows the success system that never fails.

Where is this hiding place?  The most valuable of treasures are  hidden within you. 
No one can steal or destroy them.  You cannot lose them.
For the true riches of life are hidden in the hearts and minds of man.



1) Daily Meditation
Consistent meditation improves your life in all areas; spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. Meditation assists you in detaching from the daily “mind set” or your conditioning and to discover your true greatness as an unlimited spiritual and human being.

Benefits of Meditation:

  • Reduced stress
  •  Strengthening of the body’s immune system
  • Slowing of biological aging processes
  • More orderly thinking
  • Improved intellectual abilities
  • Enhanced appreciation for enjoying life
  • Greater ease in overcoming or renouncing addictive behaviors
  • Spontaneous psychological transformation
  • More obvious, awakened spiritual growth

I highly recommend Roy Eugene Davis’ “An Easy Guide to Meditation.”
You can find it on his website and download it or order the pamphlet from CSA.


2) Self-Inventory
Writing out a complete self-inventory clarifies all of your qualities and where you are in your patterns of thought, actions and results in your life.  By acknowledging your truth you see the specific growth and progress you have made to date, determine what your most important qualities are and where your focused attention and effort must be to achieve your divine plan.

Go to my blog entry “
Self Mastery” on May 11, 2011 for complete instructions on how to complete this insightful experience.

3) Elimination List & Forgiveness
Writing out your Elimination List for all relatives, friends, associates and people in your life, who you need to forgive or need forgiveness from, will free you to create the life and results you want.  It allows you to clear your mind, spirit and energy to freely create a new space or canvas to paint the masterpiece of your life.

Go to my blog entry “
The Miracle of Elimination & Forgiveness to Create Prosperity” on May 13, 2011 for more information.  I highly recommend Catherine Ponder’s book, “Open Your Mind to Prosperity.”  


Join me tomorrow for Part II of Achieving Excellence.

prosperously yours,
:) Lee
The Mega Coach




The Miracle of Elimination & Forgiveness to Create Prosperity

posted by The MEGA Coach

From “Open Your Mind to Prosperity” by Catherine Ponder:

You cleanse your mind for prosperity and attract your good by first writing out what you want to eliminate from your life.  By writing out what you want to eliminate, you open the space and create a vacuum for what you want to manifest.  Just like planting a victory garden, you want to clear and weed the soil so that it is clean and fertile before planting your highest quality seeds and plants (dreams and desires).


If you want to be prospered, healed and have your prayers answered, you must clean up and clean out your life.  It is said that God (as divine law) withholds the next development until order is first established in the present situation.

After you write out your elimination list, the next step to cleanse your mind for prosperity is by practicing forgiveness.  Holding grudges and negative feelings toward others, or toward yourself blocks your own prosperity.

Until you practice forgiveness, your true prosperity will not come.

When you hold resentment toward someone of something, you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel.  The practice of forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and be free.


The word forgive means “to give up or let go.”  Forgiveness is a pleasant inner act that leaves you at peace with yourself and others.  Forgiveness is also a constant process.  It needs to be done on a regular basis with any negative feelings toward people or conditions.  Along with declaring that you forgive other people, declare that they also forgive you.  Also release situations or conditions you have been unable to resolve.

A good formula is to forgive your enemies and release your friends.  Forgive the people you hate or resent. Release the people you love.  Remember that you never lose anything that still belongs to you by divine right, through the act of emotional release.  Instead, you make way for your good to manifest in grander ways than ever before.      


“I now let go of worn out things, worn out conditions, and worn out relationships.
Divine order is now established and maintained in me and in my world.”

“The inflow and outflow of everything in my life is established in divine order.
I am peaceful and poised.”

“All that has offended me, I forgive.  Within and without, I forgive.
Things past, things present, things future I forgive.  I forgive everything and everybody
who can possibly need forgiveness in my past and present.  I forgive positively everyone.
I am free and all others are free, too.  All things are cleared up between us, now and forever.”

I now release and am released from everything and everybody that are no longer part of the divine plan for my life.  Everything and everybody that are no longer part of the divine plan for my life now release me.”


“I am in right relationship with all people and all situations now.”

 prosperously yours,
:) Lee
The Mega Coach



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