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Sowing Seeds of Inspiration shared by Francesca Martell:

“The things that matter most in our lives are not fantastic or grand.  They are moments when we touch one another, when we are there in the most attentive or caring way.  This simple and profound intimacy is the love that we all long for.  These moments of touching and being touched can become a foundation for a path with heart, and they take place in the most immediate and direct way.”

Mother Teresa put it like this, “In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.”

It’s nice to have a friend when you need a cup of water, a hug or a helping hand.

🙂 Lee
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monkey seeHave you noticed we learn from the example of those around us?  Scientists have proven by the age of three we were already programmed with our basic patterns of behavior and core beliefs.

The people and environments we spend time with greatly impact our quality of life.  It’s monkey see, monkey do.

Observe the people in your life.  What do they think, feel, say and do?  What are their values and level of health, joy and fulfillment?

What is their example, because we model the behavior of the people closest to us and with whom we spend the most time.

Who is in your circle of influence?

Have you noticed people complain a great deal about their lives?  Complaining destroys life and growth.  It is a negative use of creative energy.  When we focus energy and attention on complaining we attract and create more of those complaints.  Complaining perpetuates the same thing we do not like and want out of our life.  We live in a cause and effect universe.

To shift your reality and outcomes stop complaining and stop the negative self-talk.  Focus your thoughts, beliefs, words, feelings and actions on positive and productive things.  Choose wise people and healthy mentors for your circle of influence.

How much of life do you resist?
Resistance is a waste of energy. 

Give yourself and others a break or some grace.  Close your complaint department permanently.  At least try it for an hour and see if you can make it an entire day without complaining.  (Even if you verbally do not complain, watch your thoughts and see if they are complaints.)

Let life be the way it is,  let yourself be the way you are and let others be the way they are you.  The present moment can only be the way it is.  When we allow life to be the way it is, magic happens. 

Life opens up when we do.

🙂 Lee
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The people we spend the most time with contribute greatly to the quality of our life and success.

Our inner network, or “clan” is actually our advisory board.  We learn from the examples and patterns of the people we spend time with.  It is as simple as monkey see, monkey do.

Choose your friends and associates carefully with discernment and detachment.  These people impact you, your beliefs, values and your actions.  Be aware and make conscious choices for your advisory board.

Do these people unconditionally support and encourage your greatness? 
Are they examples of proper principles?

Allow the right circumstances, people and opportunities to develop and present themselves.  When you are not sure what to do, usually the best action is non-action.  Wait until you feel clear on how and when to move forward.

It is amazing how a good friend or adviser can inspire us with their wisdom and belief at a key moment.  Friends are one of God’s greatest gifts because they only want our best and their love and support is unconditional.

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”

🙂 Lee
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Roy & Yogananda


Studies from The National Institutes of Health, University of Massachusetts and Mind/Body Medical Institute at Harvard University show meditation enhances the qualities companies need most from their knowledge workers: increased brain-wave activity, enhanced intuition, better concentration, and the alleviation of the kinds of aches and pains that plague employees most.

Business Week Magazine
“… a growing number of corporations, including Deutsche Bank, Google and Hughes Aircraft offer meditation classes to their workers.  Making employees sharper is only one benefit; studies say meditation also improves productivity, in large part by preventing stress-related illness and reducing absenteeism.”

TIME Magazine
Meditation has some high-profile corporate disciples, including bond-fund king William H. Gross, of Pacific Investment Management Co., who often meditates before a day of trading at his $349 billion money-management firm.  Tech outfits like Apple Computer, Yahoo and Google are also signing up and so are old economy businesses like consulting firm McKinsey, Deutsche Bank, and Hughes Aircraft.

Business Week Magazine
A 2005 study by Harvard instructor Dr. Sara W. Lazar, showed that meditation can help to increase brain function, reduce the effects of aging on the brain, and improve concentration and memory.

The positive effects of meditation — increased calm, ease, center, poise, and balance — are now bolstered by over 4 decades of scientific research and more than 700 scientific tests conducted at universities such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford as well as on going studies at MIT, University of Massachusetts and Harvard Medical School.

Intuitively, most leaders sense that more stress is not the way to build performance.

Important Information from Roy Eugene Davis and The Center for Spiritual Awareness:
Meditation Aligns the Body, Mindy & Spirit.

Meditation Benefits:
1) Reduced stress
2) Strengthening of the body’s immune system
3) Slowing of biological aging processes
4) More orderly thinking
5) Improved intellectual abilities
6) Enhanced appreciation for enjoying life
7) Greater ease in overcoming or renouncing addictive behaviors
8) Spontaneous psychological transformation
9) More obvious awakened spiritual consciousness

Any one or all of these benefits are of value and the possibility of actualizing them should inspire us to meditate on a regular schedule.  All is within.  Meditation allows us to naturally unfold to higher consciousness.

Visit Roy at his website or meditation retreats in beautiful Lakemont, GA.  The meditation CD is wonderful and can be ordered from The Center for Spiritual Awareness website.  Roy is one of the few remaining direct disciples of Paramahansa Yogananda.

Meditation practiced properly can transform every aspect of life and bring out our innate qualities.

🙂 Lee
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