Have a Magnificent Day!



“People have such light within and when allowed to shine it radiates in magnificent forms and brilliant colors.”

Life is rich.  We live in an abundant, continually expanding universe.  Look around and observe the many colors, shades and hues of God’s creation.

Nature gives us so much beauty, joy and colors.  People come in so many different packages and personalities.  Life is anything but boring.  Allow yourself to enjoy all of life’s colors and distinctions.

It is easy to judge others, especially if they are different.  It is easy to judge ourself, too.  See if you can suspend your judgment and simply observe….take in all in.  Allow yourself to experience the moment.  Be here.

We are all made from the same original energy and creative substance.  When we come from our hearts, miracles happen.

The diversity of people and nature makes life so interesting and unpredictable.  Variety adds spice to life and magnificent colors to a rainbow.

Enjoy life’s pot of gold!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach 


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what goes around


A caterpillar becomes a cocoon and the cocoon becomes a butterfly.
Life’s miraculous process of transformation continues as death becomes new life.

We experience similar moments in our lives.  Something has ended, maybe a relationship, a dream, a business or a powerful pattern or situation.  Then the opportunity for something new and different emerges.

Follow your inner voice and go forward.  Your mind will scream and rant and rave – your comfortable pattern or addiction is being threatened.  Listen to your intuition and center yourself.  You can let it go, take a few deep breathes.

You can start fresh now.

This is a new moment and can be a beginning of health, joy, love, success and prosperity.

Let go of the old and allow the new to take form.  Give up the story, being right, and forcing life to be the way you think it should be.  Allow life to show up and see how it works best.

Give people and situations the space to grow and develop naturally.  Look in your heart and discover what is sincerely calling you.  Follow your truth and do what is best for your highest expression of your full, creative potential.

What makes you joyous and fulfilled?  Isn’t it in giving, loving, serving, creating, sharing and encouraging you feel most alive?

The butterfly is such an exquisite and delightful creation of God and nature.  It is so beautiful, yet delicate and floats and flows with the currents.  It’s life may be a short, and it is also glorious and breath-taking.

Maybe we are not too different from a butterfly.  Are you willing to break out of your cocoon and be beautiful and magnificent?  After all, this is what we truly are…..beautiful, invincible and magnificent! 

Our natural essence as spiritual beings is healthy, whole and complete and we are created from the original energy of the universe.

Make your life a masterpiece!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

kindness II








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forgiveness II


Loving Kindness and Forgiveness are the keys to freedom.

When something is off balance in our life, it is often a signal forgiveness is needed in some form.

Sometimes that forgiveness is for another person, sometimes it is for our self.  Give yourself and others a little grace.  We are all human/spiritual beings, we make mistakes and do some of the strangest things.

To forgive means to let go, it does not mean to condone someone’s words or actions.  When we hold a grudge or judge another person, we stick ourselves to that energy, pattern and vibration.  The only way to peace and freedom is to let go and forgive.

Sometimes the hardest person to forgive is ourselves.

Life presents us with ample opportunities to learn and practice true forgiveness.  Look for appropriate situations and follow your heart.  After all, how can we treat others better than we treat ourselves?

Give yourself a few minutes in a quiet, peaceful place to breath and let it all go.  Ask your heart, your higher self if there is anyone or any situation to forgive in your life.  See what shows up.

In the end, love is the answer.
Love is all there is.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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follow your heart


Do something for yourself that nourishes and refreshes your spirit and essence.

Take a walk in nature or on the beach.  Make yourself a healthy and tasty meal.  Take a hot bath by candlelight. Read an inspiring book.  Meditate.  Go to a good movie.

Help a friend, encourage someone around you.  There are special people in your life that fill you with love, joy and inspiration.

Every day there are people who serve and contribute to you.  Take a moment to recognize, acknowledge and appreciate them.  Let them know they make a difference for you.

Happiness/Joy is our natural state.  When we feel good, energy flows out and people can sense and feel it.  Good feelings, happiness, joy, love, enthusiasm are contagious.  No one can resist an enthusiastic person.

The better we feel the more good we attract and create – people just want to be near the positive energy and vibrations.  You are a MEGA Magnet for good things, opportunities and abundance.

Kindness, encouragement and love support, uplift and inspire people.  They make even the most difficult challenges easier to bear.  Find something that feeds your soul and follow your heart.

Have a wonderful and prosperous day!

The MEGA Coach

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