Have a Magnificent Day!

God's Way
What is it that you want most in life?

Good Health, Family, Peace of Mind, Career, Money, Love, Success, Fame, Travel, Time in Nature, Making a Difference, Saving the Planet, Ending Poverty, Suffering and Pain, etc.

Where do you focus most of your time?

Are you happy and at peace?
How often do you focus your attention on, “I want to know God in my life and heart?

Life is miraculous – look at the world and all its splendor.  Watch a baby being born.  See the dawn of a new day.  How could this Magnificent earth, with 7 billion spiritual beings and incredible, diverse forms of life and nature not be the work of a Divine Being, A Higher Power, I AM THAT I AM?

For most of my life I have searched for the meaning of life and for life’s purpose – always wanting to know how everything works.  I was blessed with a metaphysical approach.  It’s fascinating why and how people fight so much, create extraordinary inventions and breakthroughs and do the crazy things people do. 

After college and graduate school I looked for the woman of my dreams, the best way to Health, Happiness and Success, My Highest Self-Expression, Fame and Fortune.  No matter how great things were at any given time in my life, down deep I always felt something was missing, that there was something wrong with me.  I felt unworthy, afraid and confused.  On the surface I put on a good show.

Can you relate to this?  Be honest now, are you truly fulfilled in your life?  Are you really happy and at peace in your heart?  Are you free from worry, stress, health issues and financial pressures?  Are you insecure, do you have fears that unsettle you, such as whatever you have could be taken away? Why do it the hard way? 

How often do you sincerely welcome God into your life?
Are you truly listening for God in your heart?

According to both The Old and New Testament it requires 100% faith to enter the Kingdom.  The faith of a child, 100% sincerity.  We are instructed anytime our burden is too heavy and we need help, call on God and turn our worries, troubles and pain over to The Creator of the World.

It’s a simple requirement to live an awakened life in the Kingdom.  100% faith and turn your problems over to God and ask for His help.  It’s so simple, we miss it like the nose on our face.  Free will allows us to do it our way or God’s way.

Start your own conversation with God, ask him for help with all your challenges.  Give him your pain.  Discover true peace, health and abundance.  Have total faith in God and turn over your fear, worry and problems to a Higher Power and watch your life transform.

God is our co-pilot, He is our truest friend, after all God has been with us every moment of our life and is right now…..whether we acknowledge it or not.  The truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God!



Join the conversation…..find your way to the Kingdom.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

Inspired by God, Roy Eugene Davis, my Guru and a special contribution from Dr. Henry Lieberman, my sweet wife, Denise and dear son, Denny – they are the wind beneath my wings.








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Yogananda - wealthWhat is it you are searching for?
Will it truly make you happy and fulfilled?
Will it bring you lasting peace?

Life is actually quite simple, yet we humans tend to make it so complicated.

First, we have to slow down to the speed of life to live in the moment and look at what we see and feel in our heart.   Otherwise we mostly operate in our super-computer – our mind/ego.

What is it that makes you happy?
What is the highest expression of your creative potential?

What comes first in your hierarchy of values?  Spiritual Growth, Personal Growth, Career, Money, Relationships, Family, Health, Time in Nature, Homes, Cars and Material Possessions, Travel, Education, Having Fun, Sports, Helping Others?

Each individual has free will to choose what they want in life.  How many people do you know who are truly happy and fulfilled?  Are you?  When you are alone are you at peace and happy?  Are you looking for someone or something to fill an empty feeling or loneliness in your life?

How many couples do you know who are truly fulfilled in their relationships and treat other with love and respect?

How many people have a job or career they truly are passionate about and love?

Everything in life is spiritual.  Every aspect of life has a spiritual component.  Are you focusing on your highest vibration and aspiration?

Unless we find our spiritual connection in this universe, it is difficult to find true peace, joy and fulfillment.  Living from the ego is a painful way to live.

“There is a fundamental purpose of our lives.  To know it, we must understand where life comes from and where it is going, look beyond our immediate goals to what we ultimately want to accomplish and consider life’s highest potential for development.”
Paramahansa Yogananda

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

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Roy - Guru Lineage

From How to Use Your Creative Imagination, by Roy Eugene Davis:

“Because you are a spiritual being, you already have the ability to either remove or transcend all limiting conditions that may have, until now, opposed your endeavors to live freely, enjoyably and effectively.  As this is being accomplished, the necessary resources and supportive events, circumstances and relationships for your highest good will be spontaneously provided and your spiritual growth will be rapid and satisfying.

Nurture Spiritual Awareness

Lack of understanding is the primary obstacle to spiritual growth.  Replace unknowingness with insight into your true nature and your relationship with the Infinite, You are a unit of one field of Consciousness (God).  Ponder it until you comprehend it.  While believing this to be so is helpful, realizing (knowing and experiencing) it is redemptive: it restores soul awareness to wholeness.  Discard the erroneous notion that there is a separation between spiritual and material realities.  The universe is a manifestation of cosmic forces emanated from and sustained by one field of Consciousness.

Nurture spiritual awareness by using your powers of intelligence and intuition.  Observe the distinction between you as an observer and what you observe.  Replace troublesome habits with the soul-liberating habit of constant, divine self-remembrance and God-awareness.

Meditate daily to the stage of superconsciousness, then sit in the deep silence.  As your awareness becomes clarified, your innate knowledge of the one field of Consciousness and its processes will be unveiled.  Exceptional powers of perception and extraordinary functional abilities will emerge.  You will discover whatever you can vividly imagine and believe to be real, if it can be manifested in accord with the laws of nature, can be expressed or experienced.

Creative imagination and skillful living will enable you to live as you deserve to live.  It is your destiny to be spiritually enlightened.  At the innermost level of your being you are now whole, serene and knowledgeable.  Assume this to be true and let it be actualized.”

Roy Eugene Davis, an internationally acclaimed author and teacher of meditation and spiritual growth processes, is founder of the Center for Spiritual Awareness and a one of the few remaining direct disciples of Paramahansa Yogananda.

For more information, go to The Center for Spiritual Awareness

May you blessed with spiritual enlightenment.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

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Awakening takes place in our hearts and experience.
We cannot access higher states of consciousness in our mind/ego.

The mind is a wonderful super-computer and great for many things.
The heart is where we feel our love and have relationships.
It is where I find God and my truth.

“Those who know the truth, learn to love it.
Those who love the truth, learn to live it.”

Have the courage to take the inner journey and find your highest truth and consciousness within your heart and soul.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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