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“A spiritual understanding that is not practiced under fire is without value; only by applying your knowledge in trying situations do you come into genuine possession of it.  So use these tests as opportunities to purify your thoughts and actions.  By holding to what is correct in the face of pressure, you gain the strength and peace of mind of the spiritual masters.”
Brian Browne Walker

Challenges don’t build character, they reveal it.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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Dawn_Over_New_ZealandOur toughest moments and greatest challenges allow us to discover more about our essence and potential.  It is during these times we can find our true relationship with God and The Divine.

Our challenges and life lessons offer a chance to learn the importance of demonstrating proper principles.  It is during such times we see their true value.

Such experiences empower us to look deep within and push beyond our comfort zones.  Breakthroughs take us to higher levels of self realization.  Miracles do happen.  We need to acknowledge them.  What seems impossible is impossible only because of our current perspective.  Just beyond that perspective is the chance to discover something new.  What challenges us, improves us.  Whatever challenges us to the extreme can also lead to our most profound awakening.

Challenges do not build character, they reveal character.  When we go beyond our preferences and blind spots we see clearly what is in the moment.  Our ego is not usually happy to support this.  As difficult and burdensome as they may be, obstacles do not hold us back.  Our own unwillingness and resistance to move forward is what holds us back.

This moment presents an opportunity, no matter what challenges appear.

Focus on what you can do, with what you have, where you are.

“Every great work, every big accomplishment, has been brought into manifestation through holding to the vision, and often just before the big achievement, come apparent failure and discouragement.”
Florence Scovel Shinn

🙂 Lee
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Roy-DavisFrom Roy Eugene Davis:

“The thoughts you habitually think, your mental attitudes and emotional states, reactions to events, personal relationships and actions are chosen by you.  How you think and behave determines your existing circumstances and those you will experience in the near and distant future.  If you want any aspect of your life to be improved, you have only to exercise your freedom of choice and decisively act in accord with your choices.

Choose to be emotionally mature.  Assume responsibility for your thoughts, actions and circumstances. Refuse to allow mental confusion, emotional unrest or psychological conflicts to dominate your awareness. Do not let debilitating habits dissipate your vital forces, weaken your health, diminish your financial (or other) resources, mar worthwhile relationships or interfere with the efficient accomplishments of your meaningful purposes.

Be optimistic, cheerful and calmly energetic.  Optimistic people are always healthier, happier, more successful and live longer than people who are pessimistic.  Cultivate only wholesome, life-enhancing thoughts, feelings, behaviors and relationships.  Be aware of your true nature in relationship to the Infinite. Nurture awareness of the presence of God within and around you.  Assume and express the characteristics and qualities you want to have.”

“Remember that you belong to no one, and no one belongs to you. Reflect that someday you will have to leave this world, so make the acquaintance of God now. It is only because of delusion that you perceive yourself as a physical body. Meditate unceasingly to realize your real, divine nature.”

Lahiri Mahasaya

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

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In 1949 Roy became a direct disciple and later was ordained by Paramahansa Yogananda in 1951.  Since then in his mission as an independent teacher, Roy has taught in more than 100 cities in North America and in Japan, Brazil, Europe, West Africa, and India.  Some of his books are published in 10 languages and in 11 countries.  He is also the publisher of Truth Journal magazine and writes monthly lessons for CSA members around the world.

Roy & Yogananda



Secret Door to Success  IIBack in the 1920’s and 30’s during The Great Depression,  a beacon of light shared hope, truth and prosperity through lectures, seminars and books.  Over the past 70 years, these universal teachings have spread around the world to help people discover and live the divine plan of their lives.  From the writings of the inspirational Florence Scovel Shinn, The Secret Door to Success:

“The words wonder and wonderful are used many times in the Bible.  In the dictionary word wonder is defined as, “a cause for surprise, astonishment, a miracle, a marvel.”  So look with wonder at that which is before you!

We are all now, back in the world of the wondrous, where anything can happen overnight, for when miracles do come, they come quickly!  So let us become Miracle Conscious; prepare for miracles, expect miracles and invite them into our lives.

Remember, now is the appointed time!  Today is the day!  And your good can happen overnight.  Look with wonder and be filled with divine expectancy!”

“I look with wonder at that which is before me.”

“Miracle shall follow miracle and wonders shall never cease!”

prosperously yours,
🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

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