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To create wonderful relationships we must first learn to be good to ourselves.  We treat others only as well as we treat ourselves.

We are human and have negative patterns which can dominate the moment and a situation to create hurtful and destructive outcomes.

How do we transform a negative pattern so it no longer dominates our life and relationships?

How do we turn frustration into fascination?

This can be an area people do not want to look at, deal with or acknowledge.  Human behavior demonstrates how people like to hide or pretend something didn’t happen, or sweep it under the rug.  In the end, the truth is always revealed.

Negative patterns can be very destructive forces that hurt or sabotage our well being, health, success, family and relationships both personal and professional.  It takes courage, faith, determination and vigilance to deal with our “dark side.”  The good news is any negative behavior or pattern can be “unwired” or transformed.  First, it has to be important enough.  Second, we have to tell the truth and acknowledge what is happening when it happens and take responsibility.

We don’t have to like it – just be willing to see it for what it is and just observe – remember, what we resist persists.  Suggestion: be like an anthropologist observing a species without judgment or bias.  See life the way it is.  Flow with life and allow people to be the way they are.  Allow, accept and keep letting go.

How to transform any negative pattern – The Power of Acknowledgement:
1) Acknowledge what is
2) Accept it
3) Take responsibility
4) Forgive yourself and any others
5) Make a new, empowering choice

Have a wonderful and prosperous weekend!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

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heart is full“Only 15% of a person’s success is due to their technical ability, while 85% is due to their ability to get along with people.”
Catherine Ponder

You can have wonderful, expressive, fun, empowering and fulfilling relationships!  The secret is it starts with you because you attract and create your life.  Is your desire true and are you willing to go total?

It is not a coincidence how people treat you and respond to you.  In fact, you train others how to treat you.  They pick up on your energy and communication.  You are communicating every moment whether you actually say anything verbally.

Words are 7%, Tone is 38% and Body Language is 55% of communication.

Be an example of what you want in your life.  Especially since you are a magnet who attracts other people, situations and opportunities.  Be a person who deserves the relationships of your dreams.

Communication is a powerful force.  Conscious awareness, kindness, compassion, tenderness, giving, unconditional love and quality communication are key qualities that create attractive relationships which are desirable for the long term.  Do you have these qualities?  If not, you can develop them or you can always improve them.

Whatever the current state of your relationships, you can transform them by transforming yourself.  The secret is to look sincerely with your heart and take responsibility without judging yourself.  No matter how challenging your current relationship or situation may be, you can make a quantum leap.

I am a good communicator and listener.
I am sincere and interested in others.
I am a wonderful and caring partner.

Anything is possible and the great news is it’s up to you!  Make your life and relationships heaven on earth.

May you manifest the divine plan of your life, under grace and in perfect ways!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

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from a good friend:

When I think of you,
I think of great towers of strength
I think of mountains
That reach high in the sky
I think of a rock
That can never be shaken
Or a towering tree
With deeply embedded roots

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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Fly above the storms“Hardship, in forcing us to exercise greater patience and forbearance in daily life, actually makes us stronger and more robust. From the daily experience of hardship comes a greater capacity to accept difficulties without losing our sense of inner calm.  Of course, I do not advocate seeking out hardship as a way of life, but merely wish to suggest that, if you relate to it constructively, it can bring greater inner strength and fortitude.”
Dalai Lama

At times, life brings pain and discomfort.  In our toughest moments, we are blessed with our greatest opportunity for growth and transcendence.  By not resisting life and the way the moment shows up, we transcend it.  Discover the wisest options and outcomes available.  Turn disadvantages into advantages.  Turn lemons into lemonade.

The key is not necessarily doing something different; the key is being different.  Be your Highest Self.  Live as an immortal, Spiritual Being.

Allow life to be the way it is, let go and do not resist it or try to change it.  Use the situation to empower yourself and take your best action at the most appropriate time.

Observe the situation.  Find ways to discover advantages in your disadvantages.  Be creative and curious… a child.  There are opportunities within every problem.  Turn frustration into fascination.

Complaining does not help and it wastes our vital energy and resources while attracting negativity.
Let go and allow what is to be the way it is.   Take a few deep breathes.  Respond rather than react.  Observe without judgment.  Discover what is happening and what is best for all involved in this moment.  With clarity the decision actually presents itself; take the appropriate action.

You can grow, transform and be successful from exactly where you are now.  Use whatever challenges you have as opportunities for growth and development.  The greater the challenge, the greater the potential success or triumph!  What an opportunity!

This moment is your point of greatest power.  What is happening must happen, so make the best out of it.  Make the highest and best choices for you, your family and your team.

Rise above the storm of human events and circumstances in your heart and consciousness and soar like an eagle.  Create miracles!

Be a Champion of Optimism!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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