Have a Magnificent Day!

Lee Papier is a business and life coach as well as a consultant in the human potential field. For 30 years he has studied what truly motivates human beings and his life work focuses on inspiring and empowering people to actualize their full potential.

As co-founder of the Power of Acknowledgement organization in the eighties, Lee and his mentor, Michael Wyman taught life improvement techniques that helped people achieve their dreams. Lee and Michael served as motivational coaches for the New York Rangers working with Craig Patrick, who coached the legendary 1980 US Olympic Hockey team.

Lee was also founder of Insights to Excellence, Inc., a sales and management consulting and training organization. Lee developed and presented seminars designed to empower people to actualize their full potential, both personally and professionally.

Lee's has two passions in business. His main focus is help people grow as The MEGA Coach with his own coaching, training and seminar company. In addition, Lee is a Wealth Advisor in Financial Services, where he specializes in wealth management and providing effective financial solutions that guarantee protection, security and financial freedom.

Lee graduated with a B.A. in Economics from the University of Rochester and an MBA in Finance and Human Resource Management from the University of San Diego.

Lee writes motivational inspirations to empower people to make each day a masterpiece. In his blog, Have A Magnificent Day!, Lee offers daily boosts of inspiration to help you start your day with a ray of hope and positive thoughts.

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