Have a Magnificent Day!

Expect Abundance


Life presents us with the exact lesson we need to learn every moment.  It requires awareness, acceptance and discernment
to receive it.

There is a constant rhythm to life, an ebb and flow of energy.  Going with life’s flow allows us to receive our good and not waste energy by resisting the moment.

Sometimes it is not always clear what the lesson is or why it is happening.  These moment are when trust, faith and proper principles are vital and valuable.  Whatever is happening is what must be happening.  Be willing to ask for guidance from the universe – ask for divine wisdom.

Continue to feel the flow in your life and act appropriately.  Go when the path is open and wait or be still when the path is closed.  It is wise not to force our will for selfish concerns.

Confusion is a signal we are not clear and the timing is not yet appropriate to move forward.  The ego loves to be in control and force its way in all situations.  However, acting aggressively usually stirs up a lot of hot air and more conflict.

“The gentle and consistent wind blowing in the same direction creates the greatest change.”
I Ching

“In a gentle way we can shake the world.”

There are times when we are challenged or blocked by people or circumstances.  No matter how challenging life appears there is always a solution.  Often some form of forgiveness is appropriate to open the flow of energy or an act of kindness.

Fear, despair or depression demonstrate the need to let go of negative, limiting beliefs, attitudes or patterns.  Root out the thought or desire and let it go.

We must be patient and let the universe make the first move.  It will show us the best way out of trouble to safety and success when we let it guide us.

Allow for help from wise and supportive friends and advisers.  Good things are coming your way…. stay open, receptive and positive with quiet inner strength.

Have a healthy and prosperous day!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach







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