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Hummingbirds know how to find the sweet juice.  They zero right in on the most beautiful flowers full of sweetness and nectar.

Life offers many choices.  Choose wisely to find your sweet spot.  People, opportunities and situations are not always what they appear to be.

There is a wonderful fruit from Israel called the sabra fruit.  The outside is quite prickly, but inside is a tasty, delicious, sweet fruit.  The rose is such a beautiful flower, but beware of its thorns.  People can have similar protective mechanisms.

Life is so exciting as it changes constantly and is not always what it seems.  It keeps us on our toes because anything can happen.  Are we awake?  Are we open and flexible to life and the moment?  Are we stuck in our agenda and how we want it to be at all costs…including our health and well being?

Other interesting qualities of a hummingbird are their high energy and extreme sensitivity.  They move at such a fast speed.  They are the only bird that can fly backwards and suspend itself in mid-air.  They can instantaneously change course or direction.  Are we that flexible in our lives?

With high energy and vibration, we transcend negative situations.  It is wise to be light like a hummingbird’s wings.  This requires faith, dedication, focused attention and a positive attitude.  High energy transcends challenges.

Remember, there is a difference between high energy, frenzied activity with high drama and high energy with focused, clear intent and action for the good of all concerned.  Success leaves clues.  We see what we want or allow ourselves to see.

Life becomes a completely different reality when we let go of our preferences and are willing to be and live with the way life shows up.  Being in harmony with the moment and flowing with it for the highest good is actualizing our full, divine potential It is the space of miracles.

You deserve good things and it is fun to share them with others.

Have compassion and kindness for and an attitude of gratitude!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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