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I Am


Our good comes from within our own being.  God/Infinite Intelligence is the fountainhead of all good and bestows on us life’s blessings with love and grace.  We are free to align with this vibration and manifest the divine plan of our lives and our highest unfoldment.

We are Spiritual Beings.  We are responsible for our energy, thoughts, words and actions and whatever we choose to create.  We are God’s/Spirit’s only species blessed with the co-creative ability and created in that image.

Nothing anyone says or does can withhold our good or hurt us unless we let them.  Our thoughts and fears keep good away.  The trick is to breakthrough and transcend negative belief systems to develop an invincible, positive mental attitude and create our good from the inside out.  We can choose to live the highest vibration possible regardless of what nonsense may be going on around us in our lives or world.

Do you spend time and share your dreams with negative people?  Stop talking about negative situations and complaining.  Eliminate negative self-talk.  Permanently close the complaint department in your head, mouth and physiology.  Be careful and highly selective about the people you spend time with and let close to you.

Focus and talk about your blessings and what is here and in front of you.  It requires strength and courage to think and speak words of freedom and upliftment.  This empowers us to rise above our limited thoughts and patterns and grow through life’s lessons to increased levels of understanding, wisdom, enlightenment and success.

Focus on positive beliefs, thoughts and feelings.  Speak positive words and self-talk and create optimism, strength, hope and attract good things.  Affirmations and words of acknowledgement create positive energy and momentum.  Help those around you by being a good example of The Golden Rule and then help others around you in whatever way possible as well.  Be a friend.

Our words have miraculous power upon our body, relationships and financial affairs.  Occasional setbacks, challenges and periodic difficulties ultimately are for the best.  Even if we cannot see the good from the present circumstances or vantage point, everything is for working for our good and highest growth.

Being calm and allowing life be the way it is, we do not resist the challenging times and allow them to fade away without adding energy or attention.  We let go.  We allow the lesson to sink in and benefit us.  

“My good cannot be withheld from me.  My good cannot be taken from me.
No person, thing or event can keep that from me which the universe has for me now.
The universe has unlimited good for me and I accept it, receive it and experience it now.”

Catherine Ponder

All is possible, there is GOLD DUST in the air!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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