Have a Magnificent Day!

follow your heart


Do something to nourish and refresh your spirit and essence.

Take a walk in nature or on the beach.  Make a healthy and tasty meal.  Luxuriate in a hot bath by candlelight and beautiful music.  Read an inspiring book. Meditate.  Watch a good movie.

Help a friend, encourage someone around you.  There are special people in your life that fill you with love, joy and inspiration.

Every day there are people who serve and contribute to you.  Take a moment to recognize, acknowledge and appreciate them.  Let them know they make a difference for you.

Happiness/Joy is our natural state.  When we feel good, energy flows out and people can sense and feel it.  Good feelings, happiness, joy, love, enthusiasm are contagious.  No one can resist an enthusiastic person.

Positive energy fills our cells and body with vitality and health.  Negative energy depletes them.

The better we feel the more good we attract and create – people want to be near the positive energy and vibrations.  We are MEGA Magnets for good things, opportunities and abundance.

Kindness, encouragement and love support, uplift and inspire people.  They make even the most difficult challenges easier to bear.

Find something that feeds your soul and follow your heart.

Have a wonderful and prosperous day!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach








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