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We are given two beautiful eyes to see the wonders of the universe.  Yet the heart and intuition provide a vision with even greater clarity than the eyes can see.

When we have a powerful desire or want something strongly, it can color our perceptions.  Desire changes what we are looking at so it can appear the way we want it to be.  People can want something so badly they bend the universe to their reality at all cost.

Reality can be a very subjective experience, especially when we are attached to our point of view or being right.

With a strong desire, it is more challenging as we are looking through a biased filter and thoughts and feelings can color reality.

When the moment presents a challenging situation it is wise to use the heart, intuition and awareness to see more clearly.  Leading with the mind/ego can allow illusions and delusions to take hold of our perspective. 

Take a breath, take a few deep, long breathes and let it all go.
What do you see, sense and feel?

Maybe prayer is actually us talking to God and intuition is God or the universe talking to us. 
Either way it is a beautiful communication.

Surround yourself with wonderful, talented, honest, inspiring people who are examples of your highest values.  Spend time in nature and behold the wonders of the universe.  Every moment is precious and can be used to encourage and uplift.

Use your time, energy and resources optimally and wisely.

Do what you can with what you have where you are!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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