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Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want or have.  Where ever our focused attention goes so does our energy.  It is the Law of Focused Attention.

Our consciousness, intention and vision immediately starts the process of creation.  With every thought, belief, word and deed, we move in that direction.  It is divine design.

Feel how you would feel.  See what you would see.  Say what you would be saying to yourself.  Use your imagination and fully associate yourself in the experience in living color.  Heart open and  vision focused and consistent.

Even in difficult situations or economic times, opportunities are always present.  What would happen if you let go of any fear or negative energy and focus your attention and energy on what you want in your life now?

What if you had 100% faith the universe (God) would support you and stopped all doubt, worry, judgment and complaining?

The creative imagination is extremely powerful and the brain experiences the impulses and images as if it were totally happening and true right now.   When we remember something from the past our brain experiences it all over again in the present moment.  The brain cannot distinguish fantasy from the truth or past from present or future.  What an incredible creation of the Higher Power.

Isn’t it time you focus and program yourself for the good you desire?
Why let the powers that be, program you to feed their coffers?

The easiest way is to focus on the Golden Rule, as it is the highest outcome possible for us all.

Whether you want to improve your health, break an addiction or negative behavior pattern, create a better relationship, business or financial goal, you can do it.

Be positive and associate with positive people who support you unconditionally.

Can you imagine not having a fear in your mind or heart?  No worries or concerns?
Have you ever lived this 100% consistently and trusted the universe (God) for a consistent period of time? If so, then you understand the magnificence of living in the kingdom.  It is joyous, peaceful, wonderful, abundant and God is everywhere.

Use your energy wisely and do not share your dreams or innermost desires with negative people who do not support your truth.  Associate with people who your heart feels safe with and nurture and support your ideas, feelings, work and dreams.

Remember a time when you felt in the flow or in the zone.  You were not thinking or trying to make something happen.  You were just being there, in the moment.  Having fun and being, doing, having.

Stay open, positive and expect miracles!
Know the universe always supports you!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

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