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Meditation is vital to a healthy, happy and successful life.

From The Truth Journal (April-May 2014)
by Roy Eugene Davis:

“Many more people are learning to meditate.
A full-page article in the November 16, 2013 issue of The Economist, an internationally distributed news magazine, reported many people are being attracted to meditation as a way to function more effectively in an increasingly busy and stressful world.  Many individuals and organizations are now actively promoting their forms of meditation.

One key to skillful meditation practice is to do it regularly with alert attention until a positive response is obvious, such as deep relaxation, peace of mind, clarity of awareness, absence of anxiety, improved mental and intellectual abilities, an enhanced sense of overall well-being, or useful insights.  Spiritual awakening and growth is naturally experienced with a regular, effective meditation routine.
For more information on Meditation: Center for Spiritual Awareness

How busy are you?
How much do you do in a day?
How much do you use a computer or some form of technology?
Do you feel happy most of the time?
Are you kind, compassionate and patient?
What’s your level of stress?
Do you have fun?
How much do you worry and complain?

Being healthy manifests spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, financially.  Good health is empowered or destroyed by the food we feed both our body and mind.  Our well being is significantly affected by the environments we live and work in and the relationships we interact with both personally and professionally.  Meditation contributes greatly to growth and improvement in all of these areas.

Eating healthy, exercise, breathing, being in nature, having quality holistic health knowledge and care are vital components to being healthy.  Given how much time, energy and money people are forced to spend on medication, doctors, hospitals, etc, it is wise to follow an optimal health program.  The better we care for our health and well being, the more enjoyable our lives are every day and the better we will feel and be as we age.  Healthy people who meditate save thousands of dollars a year in health costs as they age.

“He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.”
Thomas Carlyle

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