Have a Magnificent Day!

I Am


No matter how dark it may seem, there is always hope.  When you believe, hope springs eternal in spite of anything – even the most powerful evil.

Love is the most powerful force in the world.  Kindness is a form of love and both are irresistible.

Faith is seeing the invisible and believing the incredible.  Trust your heart for it is your true eyes and ears.  Focus on the light, focus on the truth inside your heart.

Truth and proper principles are available for those who seek it.  Instead of accentuating the problems (fear/ego), concentrate your energy and resources on the solution.  Look within your heart and soul.

What do you want to create?
What contribution will you make?
What will your legacy be?

Good or God prevails over evil in spite of the most horrible tragedies.  The light obliterates the darkness. One small candle brings an end to darkness.

When the world around you makes no sense and people do the strangest and most hurtful things, hope is here and love and kindness are the way.

You can create anything you want, regardless of your present circumstances.  It requires vision, faith and belief.  It requires taking action in a positive direction consistently.  Let your love shine through and follow your heart.

Do it without violating the rights of others or getting lost in the ego.

Acknowledge all of the blessings you have now.
Acknowledge the wonderful things you are creating.

If you can dream it you can achieve it.
Go total!

Do it with love, do it with joy!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

“It doesn’t cost a thing to smile.
You don’t have to pay to laugh.
You better thank God for that.
There’s hope.
Keep shining your light.
And show the world your smile.”
India Aire


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