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Meditation can eliminate violence


Truth Journal by Roy Eugene Davis, April-May & June-July 2014:

“Many more people are learning to meditate.  A full-page article in the November 16, 2013 issue of
The Economist, an internationally distributed news magazine, reported that many people are being attracted to meditation as a way to function more effectively in an increasingly busy and stressful world.  Many individuals and organizations are now actively promoting their forms of meditation.

The dramatic surge of interest that occurred in the 1960s has spread into mainstream western society.  It is common to hear many medical doctors and other health professionals recommend meditation to their patient-clients.

Choose To Be Spiritually Enlightened
Enlighten – to provide knowledge with wisdom.  Spiritual enlightenment is conscious realization of one’s immortal, changeless essence (true nature) and ultimate reality.

What is needed for spiritual enlightenment:
1) A sincere desire to be fully conscious
2) Willingness and ability to learn what is essential to know
3) A decisive intention to be wisely self-disciplined.

Meditation Benefits:
1) Reduced stress
2) Strengthening of the body’s immune system
3) Slowing of biological aging processes
4) More orderly thinking
5) Improved intellectual abilities
6) Enhanced appreciation for enjoying life
7) Greater ease in overcoming or renouncing addictive behaviors
8) Spontaneous psychological transformation
9) More obvious awakened spiritual consciousness

Meditate to be superconscious.
Meditation aligns the body, mind and spirit.
Meditation empowers you to improve any area of your life in a natural, gentle and powerful way.

“Every day, meditate more deeply than you did the day before.”
Paramahansa Yogananda

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

Visit Roy’s website and The Center for Spiritual Awareness.  Roy offers many books on meditation and Kriya Yoga.  Roy has a wonderful guided meditation CD.  Check out his pamphlet, An Easy Guide to Meditation.

Roy Eugene Davis is one of the few, remaining direct disciples of Paramahansa Yogananda currently teaching.  Roy has been teaching meditation and spiritual practices for over fifty years all around the world.
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