Have a Magnificent Day!

blue birds and purple


inspired by my sweet wife and sons.

I Am one of a kind, unique, priceless.
There is no one else like me.

I have infinite potential.
I have a special message to share.

I Am talented, creative and gifted.
I Am an expression of Infinite Intelligence and spirit.

I Am healthy, whole and complete.
I Am an Unlimited, Immortal and Infinite Spiritual Being.

I have my own song to sing and a masterpiece to create.

I am discovering my sweet spot and spreading my wings to fly.

I inspire others and they smile.
I focus on my truth and listen to my intuition.
I am kind to myself and others.

I am actualizing my full, creative potential.
My example and light reminds others they are unlimited, and free too.

Live the life you have imagined and achieve your highest good and infinite potential.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


(Photo by Google)

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