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Chameleons adapt to any environment and blend in.  They blend in so well they become almost invisible.  Chameleons are amazing creatures with unique talents.

We too are blessed with the ability to transform and adapt to any situation, circumstance or environment.  We are flexible, creative and transformational.  Throughout history, mankind has adapted to incredible challenges and transcended death defying moments to succeed and thrive.

Regardless of the situation or circumstances, we are always growing.  We are constantly learning, developing and expanding our knowledge, experience and results.  There is one thing that usually changes slowly, if at all – our core principles and values.  They are strongly linked to our key belief systems.  It requires a major life event or experience to change core principles and values.

Healthy core principles are based on truth and natural law, yet sometimes we have established core principles based on emotional situations or incorrect or unclear perceptions.  It is important to discover these errors and correct them.  As our decisions and choices are based on core principles and values, it is essential these core principles are in alignment with truth and the highest good.

We have a divine potential which is part of the divine design or divine plan of our life.  This is our highest and greatest potential and possibility.

May you continue to grow, thrive and adapt.
May you live your most magnificent life possible!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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