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Life is a journey to manifest our natural essence and greatness.  Our infinite potential is already inside us, waiting to unfold like the pattern of the oak tree inside the acorn.  Once the acorn seed is planted in good soil, with sunshine and water, a beautiful tree grows.

So it is, life is a journey to develop into our highest divine potential in our personal character and values, belief systems, words, actions and lives.  We have the freedom of choice to align with truth, compassion and excellence in all areas of life.  We are spiritual beings, connected with all life and created in the image of God with co-creative abilities.

We create either heaven or hell, good or bad, health or disease in our lives.  This is a metaphysical world based on natural universal laws with a cause-effect relationship.  The knowledge of the universe is within us.  Meditation, being in the present moment, breathing, living from the heart and acts of service connect us strongly to this infinite intelligence and wisdom.

Along with kindness and compassion comes the important quality of forgiveness, for both ourselves and others.  Forgiveness brings freedom.  It is a way to healing and peace.

Deepak Chopra, “The Deeper Wound”:
“Forgiveness belongs to the heart.  You can understand its value, you can believe that it is moral, good, upright and righteous to forgive – but if you don’t feel it, forgiveness is forced.  Countless times you have needed forgiveness and countless times you have offered it to someone else.  The mantle of who is right and who is wronged gets passed around in a circle.  When you cannot find in yourself the purity of forgiveness, ask to feel more than you feel. Spirit will give you new and better reasons to forgive someone.  It will show you another way.”

Is there anything you need to forgive in yourself or in others?

Judgment and being right is costly as we make other people wrong and push them away.

Take a moment to breathe, look inside your heart and ask if there is anyone you need to forgive right now.  See what the universe presents.  Do it now, let go and be free.

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