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monkey seeHave you noticed we learn from the example of those around us?  Scientists proved by the age of three we are programmed with our basic patterns of behavior and core beliefs.

The people and environments we spend time with greatly impact our quality of life.  It’s monkey see, monkey do.

Observe the people in your life.  What do they think, feel, say and do?  What are their values and level of health, joy and fulfillment?  What is their example?  

We model the behavior of the people closest to us and with whom we spend the most time.

Who is in your circle of influence?

Have you noticed people complain a great deal about their lives?  Complaining destroys life and growth.  It is a negative use of creative energy.  When we focus our energy and attention on complaining we attract and create more of that energy and situations.  Complaining perpetuates the exact pattern we do not like and want out of our life.
We live in a cause and effect universe.

To shift negative reality and outcomes stop complaining and stop the negative self-talk.   Focus thoughts, beliefs, words, feelings and actions on positive and productive things.  Choose wise people and healthy mentors for your circle of influence.

How much of life do you resist?
Resistance is a waste of energy.

Give yourself and others a break and some grace.  Close your complaint department permanently.  At least do it for an hour and do your best to go an entire day without complaining.  (Even if you verbally do not complain, watch your thoughts and see if they are complaints.)

Let life be the way it is, let yourself be the way you are and let others be the way they are you.  The present moment can only be the way it is.  When we allow life to be the way it is, magic happens.

Life opens up when we do.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach










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