Have a Magnificent Day!


Lasting success is based on gradual and consistent growth.  Every step brings you closer to your goal.

Allow yourself to acknowledge and feel all of your good.  Take in all in, every breathe full of joy and good feelings.  Drink the sweet nectar of your success and let it feed your soul and spirit.

There is no such thing as failure (unless we quit or choose to stop learning).  Every situation, even those we may label a failure or loss, is a learning experience.  We are better off because of it.

In every so called “failure or loss” there is actually a gain.  Emerson states in his classic, “Compensation,” according to the laws of nature there can be no loss without a corresponding gain.  So let go of the loss and accept on the gain!

Be clear on your vision and purpose, take appropriate action to achieve your objectives and sincere desires.  Review your core values and key beliefs to be congruent with what you want to accomplish.  Go forward and take consistent action with faith and belief.

Success is a natural part of life.  All of nature is abundant, growing and expanding.  The universe supports us when we follow proper principles of creation and manifestation.  We live in a cause/effect universe.

Have an attitude of gratitude along the way.  Be thankful for every blessing or success whether it is big or small.  Be open and receptive to all of the good the universe sends and share the good fortune with others.

Acknowledge every win, good experience and outcome, especially the small ones.  They add up to big wins and create momentum.

Be a smile millionaire!

prosperously yours,
🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

Smile Millionaire






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