Have a Magnificent Day!

Seed germination

Small steps add up to big improvements one step at a time.  Be patient and supportive and allow life to be the way it is.  Make a small change or improvement every day and take consistent and appropriate action.  You will enjoy significant growth in 21 days.

“Little things don’t mean a lot, they mean everything.”

Acknowledge all wins, acts of kindness and good things every day, regardless of how small they may appear.  By acknowledging, recognizing and appreciating the small wins we gain momentum and increase our energy.  As we gain momentum, our belief, faith and enthusiasm grow.  Increased energy and a higher vibration enhances our health, vitality, inspiration and creativity.  Our expectations expand and we become magnets for success.

Be vigilant in thought, feeling, word and action.  Our self-talk or self-acknowledgement is the fertile soil for our creative imagination and results.  Positive, nurturing, encouraging and consistent thoughts, images, feelings, tones and words support our creative efforts and manifestations.

Consistency, like a steady, gentle wind blowing in the same direction creates long term change.  Gradual, steady growth and progress is the way for lasting success.   Be kind to yourself and others and follow the straight and narrow path of The Golden Rule.

Balance, focus and consistent action creates long term growth and success.
Be appropriate to the moment, as awareness is very important to a healthy process.

Learn to observe and be present without attachment or judging.
Listen to your intuition and let it guide you.

With time, patience and consistency we are guaranteed to succeed.
Failure is impossible unless we quit.

It is not how fast we succeed – it is about the quality of how we succeed and the superior person we become.

Enjoy the journey and the present moment.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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