Have a Magnificent Day!

miracles happen when


One moment water is a liquid.  Another moment it is ice.  One moment you feel pain.  Another moment you feel healed.  Life is miraculous.

Change is constant in life – transformation happens instantaneously.

Out of the worst tragedy a new life and a new opportunity is born.  In the darkest hour, when all hope seems lost, the light emerges and obliterates the darkness.

Miracles do happen.

Blessings appear and all is renewed.  God’s love, healing and creative power is unlimited.

Anything is possible every moment.
The answer lies within.

What is it your heart’s desire?
What is your vision and higher purpose for your life?

When you follow your truth and go total, amazing things happen.
Life, events, circumstances and reality transform before your eyes.

It requires faith, belief and trust.
It requires total commitment.

There is magic available every moment.
There is GOLD DUST in the air.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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