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Keep Looking Up!A wise man shared with me, “Sometimes God puts you on your back so you can look up.”
At times, life can show up with challenges.  The key is how to receive it – do we allow it, accept it and welcome it as our next mission or the next thing to learn and experience?  Or do we resist it?

Huge advances in technology and changes and volatility in the world economy have transformed the environment we live in.  People spend a great deal of time on their cell phones, mobile devices and computers, texting and emailing.  Communication is radically different than ten years ago.

People find themselves being forced to look up because they are on their backs.  The challenges may be spiritual, mental, emotional or physical.  They may concern health, family, personal relationships, work or career.

No one on planet earth gets a free ride without trials and tribulations.  We all come here to learn important lessons and to grow.  We can resist, complain and do it our way or let go and go with the flow of life and infinite intelligence.

One thing for certain, challenges and problems reveal a person’s true character.  It is easy to be kind and generous in good times, when everything is going our way.  It is even more important to follow proper principles when we are on our backs, dealing with challenges.

Can you still find a smile or a kind word or deed for others at your toughest times?
How do you treat yourself during challenging times?

Love and kindness touch our souls and make a difference in our lives.  It is the love and kindness we take with us when we leave.  Love and kindness light our way and empower us to transcend the most difficult challenges to achieve our greatest good.

No matter what the challenge, there is always love and hope.
We be flat on our back – and still there is a way to love, peace and freedom.

It is within our hearts.
We have so much to be thankful for.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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