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caldron 1From The I Ching or Book of Changes by Brian Browne Walker:


“We serve as an example to others by sacrificing our ego and accepting the guidance of the Higher Power.
We all must have the proper nourishment and guidance in order to fully succeed.  While the culture around us often encourages us to “take charge” and make aggressive demands on life, the I Ching offers far wiser counsel.  Here we are encouraged to give up the incessant demands of our ego – to deepen our humility and acceptance and to listen carefully to the instructions of the Sage.

The image of the caldron concerns our inner thoughts: whatever we hold in the “caldron” of our mind is our offering to the Higher Power.  The quality of assistance we can receive from the universe is governed by the quality of our offering.  If we constantly indulge in the concerns of the ego – fear, desires, strategies to control, harshness toward others – we repel the Higher Power and block our own nourishment.  If, on the other hand, we consciously let go of our resistance to life and hold quiet and correct thoughts, we become receptive to the Creative and our continual nourishment is assured.

The Caldron suggests the wisest thing we can do now is to still our ego and conscientiously enter into a conversation with the Sage.  To influence others, or to achieve a proper goal, follow the same path.  By cultivating humility and acceptance, purifying our inner thoughts and concentrating on that which is good and innocent and true, we summon the power of the Creative and meet with good fortune in the outer world.”

In other words, what we give out comes back…. what goes around comes around.  We focus our attention (energy) on…thoughts, feelings, words and actions and create the quality and reality of our lives.

We attract similar energy to us.  We are magnetic beings of energy in human form.

We are divine Spiritual Beings having a human experience on earth. 
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The MEGA Coach


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