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You are totally unique.
There is no one else exactly like you or who can express themselves the way you do.

You have special gifts and talents no one else has on the planet.
You are one of a kind and irreplaceable.

Give yourself permission to be the unique expression you are.
Let go and allow yourself to be the way you naturally are.

What is your heroic mission?
What is your vision and purpose for your life?

It is not how big your dream is that matters.
It is how big your heart is in whatever dream you choose.

So many people want to fit in, to be liked and to be approved of.
Why not give yourself your own approval with the power of self acknowledgement?

Take a good look in the mirror.  Use your heart as your eyes to acknowledge the truth about you and what you see.  Self-talk and self acknowledgement are powerful catalysts for inspiration and transformation.

I am a child of the universe.
I am healthy, whole and complete.
I am eternal, universal, immortal and infinite and what I am is beautiful.

I am unlimited potential and energy.
I am unconditionally loving, joyous and abundant.
I am the Source of my life, I am a creator.

Start to acknowledge yourself for your wonderful qualities every day.
Acknowledge the people around you and make their day brighter.

You are a light to this world.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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