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Michelangelo, The Creation (2)Sam and Dave live in a beautiful coastal area near the beach.  They work very hard to be successful in their respective careers and are experiencing significant challenges in their businesses and life.

Over the years they worked on some projects together and did their best to help each other both personally and professionally.  They had great ideas, wonderful visions and plans.  They worked hard to make it happen, yet their projects and financial success never quite materialized the way they had hoped and dreamed.

It was challenging, very challenging.  While all this was going on, Sam and Dave learned more about each other.  They shared important values and priorities in life.  They both were spiritual and doing their best to follow proper principles and express their creative potential to help others.  Sam and Dave became friends and then they became good friends.

One day, Sam experienced something extraordinary.  In fact, it was a miracle.  Sam had been praying very hard and sincerely for his daughter, who had recently been very ill with a rare disease.  Without realizing it, Sam achieved 100% faith was living more in his heart than he ever had and God heard his calls.  So God visited Sam at his home one afternoon.

God said, “Hi Sam, I have been waiting a long time for you.  You have been faithful and been calling to me, so here I Am.  Would you like to know the answer to the question you have asked since you were young?”  Sam said, “Of course!”  So God shared information with Sam that explained all of the confusion he had experienced growing up in his family.  God showed Sam his major life lessons, challenges and transgressions and how each human being is totally responsible for the life they create with their thoughts, beliefs, feelings, words and actions.  It was incredible.  Anything Sam wanted to know was available and his teacher was God.

God explained how people became so confused by what man had done to religion out of his ego and desire for control.  Having 100% faith and following the 10 commandments seemed too difficult for people.  So God made it even more simple by sending his son, Jesus to the world.  Jesus taught the most important thing was to love one another (The Golden Rule), have 100% faith in God and turn over all of your problems or burdens to God or Jesus (don’t try to do it by yourself).

Also, it is important to forgive ourselves and others for any mistakes we make being human.  Since human beings are not perfect and make lots of mistakes, we have to forgive ourselves and others and let go of our burdens.  God will forgive us anything when we are sincere and we must forgive ourselves and others too.  This is what it takes to live in the Kingdom, The Promised Land, The Holy Grail, whatever you want to call it, Paradise!

Sam was amazed by what was happening in his life and he started talking to God throughout the day.  He shared his dreams, his fears, his hopes, his questions, his flaws and God never judged him or made him wrong.  God loved Sam and showered his compassion and grace on him.  Sam started actualizing his potential and transforming.  It was incredible.  His heart kept opening and he felt peace and harmony inside and became more kind.

Sam shared what he was experiencing with Dave and how he felt with God in his heart and life.  Dave, being a good friend listened and didn’t say much.  Dave was supportive and happy Sam found God and was so happy with himself and his life now.

Over the next few weeks Dave noticed something was happening to him as well.  When events would occur which usually made Dave upset or angry, instead he found himself asking, “What would God do now?”  The next thing Dave knew, he would be more patient, kind, loving, compassionate, etc. depending on the situation.  As time went on, Dave found himself asking this question often, even every day, and then many times a day.  The more Dave asked this question, “What would God do?” the more Dave’s life transformed.  This ripple was becoming a wave.

Life is interesting…join the conversation…ask yourself, “What would God do?”

The answer may surprise and transform you.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

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